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Treatment Interruption: A Risky but Essential Step in Cure Research

If there is ever to be an HIV cure, first there must be people who are willing to interrupt their antiretroviral therapy. It's a risky maneuver, but utterly essential to test whether an experimental intervention is effective.

By Josh Tager and David Evans for Positively Aware

Generic HIV Drugs Will Be a Good Thing, Right?

"It is an open question whether generic competition, at least in the short term, will actually materialize or if it does, lead to reduced prices," David Evans and Anne Donnelly write.

By David Evans and Anne Donnelly for Project Inform

Project Inform: Transforming Hope Into Reality

"When I started volunteering there in December 1992, Project Inform remained persistent in its message that you could take charge of your own health, all the while struggling against the pain of losing friends, lovers and family members to AIDS," Dav...

By David Evans for Project Inform

No, HIV Is NOT About to Be Cured in Three Months

The Danish study we highlighted above made a major stir last week, due to some over-the-top coverage from mainstream media. David Evans of Project Inform offers a dose of reality: "Even if researchers hit a home run with this drug, it won't likely be...

By David Evans for Project Inform

Sleeping Soundly When You Are HIV Positive

There are many reasons why quality shut-eye can be tough to come by when you're living with HIV. Read up on some of the most common causes of -- and solutions for -- sleep loss among HIV-positive people.

By David Evans for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange

Working Lunch: Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Other MSM -- A Special Focus

Phill Wilson, Director of the African American AIDS Policy and Training Institute: Moderator James King: Panelist Maurice Franklin, Gay Men of African Descent (GMAD): Panelist

Phill Wilson began the panel by paraphrasing a line from Louis Carr...

By David Evans