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The Health Care Question: After the November Election, What Happens Next?

The outcome of the November 6, 2012 presidential election will mean big changes for all health care consumers -- including people living with HIV/AIDS -- no matter who wins the White House. A comparison of the candidates' positions on health care fol...

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RomneyCare and HIV/AIDS: A Look at Massachusetts Offers Insight on National Health Care Reform

It's hard to imagine how the federal health reform law, known as the ACA, will work for people living with HIV/AIDS once it is fully implemented in 2014. Because the framework of the ACA is loosely based on health care reform in Massachusetts, a revi...

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Personal Stories

From the Sports Desk: Chasing an End to AIDS

Living with HIV is sometimes described as a rollercoaster but for me it's more like a marathon or several of them.

Running has been my constant companion, even before my HIV diagnosis in 1994. Back then, my typical run was shorter -- my impatience g...