David Durán

David Duran is a nationally recognized HIV advocate and writer who has written for every major LGBT publication in the U.S., as well as several others overseas, including TheBody.com, POZ, Plus and Positively Aware. Always aware of current trends within the HIV community, David also speaks at and participates in conferences and gatherings on HIV around the world.


Within the past year, David Duran has had some form of official relationship with each of the following groups/organizations that have a stake in the fight against HIV. These disclosures were last updated on March 18, 2017.

Freelance Writing

  • Plus.
  • Positively Aware.
  • POZ.
  • Remedy Health Media (TheBody.com).
  • San Francisco AIDS Foundation.

Media Partners

  • United States Conference on AIDS media contributor.
  • World AIDS Conference attendee and media partner.


  • AIDS/LifeCycle Press Corps.

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Latest by David Durán

Milestones of a Mississippi Man

Just days before his 20th birthday, Antwan Matthews tested positive for HIV. It only took him a few hours to make the bold decision to not let his new status bring him down, and to use it to somehow help others.

By David Durán for Positively Aware

Real Messages Sent to HIV-Positive Guys on Grindr: The Stigma Is Real

David Duran reacts to a recent video from the HIV Foundation Queensland depicting real messages sent to HIV-positive men on the dating app Grindr.

By David Durán

Simple Health and Wellness Strategies With HIV

"Finding the time each day for some self-reflection or meditation is really all we need and can be incredibly helpful," writes HIV advocate David Duran.

By David Durán

Want to Know Your Casual Sex Partner's HIV Status? Just Ask

"Why should it be the responsibility of only one individual engaging in sex to speak up, solely because they are HIV-positive?" asks David Duran. "If you gasped at that question, it's totally understandable, but take a moment to think more about it."...

By David Durán

When Your HIV Regimen Makes You Sick, Speak Up

For months, David Duran tolerated a regimen that was harsh on his stomach because he had good results. Looking back, he had more options.

By David Durán

Facing Stigma: 'A Day With HIV' Participants Open Up About Stigma

Stigma is as much a part of HIV as ever. That's the point made by "A Day With HIV," Positively Aware's anti-stigma campaign.

By David Durán for Positively Aware

Life With HIV in Cuba

"The country is still under a dictatorship and although treatment and care for those living with HIV is more civilized than it was in the past, people there are still being controlled," David Durán writes.

By David Durán for Positively Aware

After a Round of PEP, Giving Back to HIV Community Services

After accessing PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) for a possible HIV exposure, Garland Godfrey says he "realized how the services can truly affect people and change lives, as they had mine."

By David Durán

Letting Go of Anger About an Absent Father Who Died of AIDS

Biking over steep hills, Malika Nu-Man wasn't sure she could make it. Then she saw a trail of ants, and a voice told her that she was just as mighty as these creatures which can carry ten times their strength.

By David Durán

Diagnosed in 1981, Bob Katz Rides Every Year for Those Who Can't

Bob Katz came to his first AIDS Life/Cycle to honor two partners and 160 friends lost to AIDS. Then he discovered he really liked doing it, and has been going strong ever since.

By David Durán