Dave R.

English but living since 1986 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. HIV+ since 2004 and a neuropathy patient since 2007. I've seen quite a bit, done quite a bit and bought quite a few t-shirts if you know what I mean; but all that baggage makes me what I am today: a better person I believe, despite it all.

Arriving on TheBody.com, originally, was the end result of getting neuropathy as a side effect of the medication, or the virus, or both. I found it such a vague disease and discovered very little information that wasn't commercially tinged, or scientifically impenetrable, so I decided to create a daily Blog and a website where practical information, hints, tips and experiences for patients could be gathered together in one place.

However, I was also given the chance to write about other aspects of living with HIV and have now contributed more articles about those than about neuropathy. That said, neuropathy remains my 'core subject' although one which unfortunately dominates both my life and that of many other HIV-positive people.

I'm not a doctor or qualified medical expert, just someone with neuropathy and HIV who has spent the last few years researching the illness and trying to create information sources for people who want to know more.

I also have my own personal website and write for PositiveLite.com.

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Latest by Dave R.

HIV and Sexual Assault in Times of War: Conscious Acts of Terror -- A Blog Entry by Dave R.

What happens when HIV becomes a weapon in times of biological or chemical warfare?

By Dave R.

The Condom Conundrum: What Good Are They Anyway?: A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"This is not a call for the abandonment of rubbers in favour of uninhibited sex. It's an attempt to place condoms in the context of a world where sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are out to get us at every turn."

By Dave R.

Houston, We Have an HIV PR Problem: A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"There's a strong case for a whole new approach to HIV education, based on the latest scientific evidence and starting again from square one: back to basics teaching about HIV, with moralizing taken out of the equation."

By Dave R.

I'm Positive, I'm on Treatment, I'm Undetectable, So Get Off My Case! A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"I accept that it will take some time for the general population to catch up with the news that undetectable people can't pass on the virus," an incensed Dave R. writes in his latest blog; "but I hate the fact that nobody is interested in publicizing...

By Dave R.

When Push Comes to Shove ... How Far Would You Go to Eradicate HIV? A Blog Entry by Dave R.

This article originally appeared on PositiveLite.com, Canada's Online HIV Magazine.

It always seems pretty weak to begin an article with a disclaimer; as if you don't really believe in what you're writing. Well in this case, I genuinely don't know w...

By Dave R.

The Painful Reality of Neuropathy: A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"Most people have little or no concept of how nerves work and how essential they are to daily life and therefore find it nigh on impossible to understand what happens when the system breaks down."

By Dave R.

The Bug Chaser's Tale: An Interview -- A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"Many people have a fascination for what drives people to bug chase and this story may help others understand the phenomenon a little better."

By Dave R.

Please Don't Leave Me Because I Need You: An HIV Take on Separation Anxiety -- A Blog Entry by Dave R.

"It's a sad fact of life but somehow those who have a fear of being abandoned come over as "weaker" than those who have a fear of attachment."

By Dave R.

Please Don't Ask Me to Say I Love You: An HIV Take on Commitment Phobia -- A Blog Entry by Dave R.

So what happens when you do meet someone and there's a click and the fabled 'chemistry' kick-starts your jaded emotions into gear again?

By Dave R.

Nelson Mandela: Great Is Too Small a Word

While most modern leaders base their careers on the Machiavellian quote that "It is better to be feared than loved," a handful of people throughout history prove by their lives and work that that doesn't necessarily have to be true. Gandhi, Martin Lu...

By Dave R.