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Latest by Frederick L. Altice, M.D.


Host Factors in the Pathogenesis of HIV Disease

Dr. Fauci discussed basic principles of HIV eradication theory and listed the limitations of current therapeutic options. In particular, he described the importance of latently infected CD4 lymphocytes that have replication competent proviral DNA tha...


Incidence of All New Clinical Events in Patients Started on HAART

This was a retrospective study of 245 patients in a Houston HIV clinic who were on HAART. Nearly all of the patients were men (98%), mean age = 46 years and 50% were White, 38% were Black and the remainder were Hispanic. This was a population with ad...


Co-Administration of Indinavir 1,200 mg (IDV) and Nelfinavir (NFV) 1,250 mg in a Twice Daily Regimen: Preliminary Safety, Pharmacokinetic (PK) and Anti-Viral Activity

Based on previous efficacy data on other dual protease inhibitor combinations, this study combining the use of IDV with NFV was undertaken to determine the PK and antiviral activity of the combination that allows for favorable twice daily dosing of I...


HIV-1 Latent Reservoirs Exist in the Semen of HIV-Infected Men

This study provides further data to suggest that despite non-detectable plasma HIV-1 RNA levels, that replication competent proviral DNA exists in seminal fluid. Seven patients on HAART whose plasma and seminal RNA levels were below 50 copies/mL were...


HIV Care Delivery in the U.S.

This abstract reviews current treatment practices by individuals who have prescribed antiretrovirals and provides important insight into the care of patients in an evolving epidemic. The study was a convenience phone interview survey of over 4,000 HI...