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Is the EIA antibody test a newer generation test than a Elisa test(1st generation)? would it pick up odder strains bettor than elisa ?

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dry eyes/dry mouth = HIV?

Dr. Pavia, I am at a loss. I have been having problems with dry eyes and dry mouth over the past 6 months. My tear production was measured and is 1/2 of what a normal person should produce. I also have a dry mouth which causes discomfort throughout t...

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ALT/AST-How High Is TOO High?

Dr. Pavia-I have been HIV+ for three years. I am currently taking Combivir and Viracept. My viral load is undetectable and my T-Cells are about 850 with a healthy 34. Here is the problem. My AST and ALT are on the rise. My ALT is 80 and my AST is 49...

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Question About High AST Levels

Approximately nine months ago I had blood work done which revealed my AST levels to be over 400. From that point, another blood test was done apporximately a week later and the AST level went down by over 100. Liver function tests revealed that I d...

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Can a drug test differentiate between Marinol and the real thing?

Hi Dr...i was wondering if a patient has a prescription for marinol and also uses marijuana, will/can a drug test be able to tell that you've actually smoked marijuana even tho you're using marinol? This is important to be because of work-related. Th...

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Dr. Pavia-Please help with this question. I am taking Viracept and Combivir and have achieved an undetectable viral load and my T-cell count is well within normail range. Therefore, from a counts standpoint, I am very hapy with this regimen. However,...

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Highly Active Therapy in Pregnancy May Lower Transmission Rates More Than AZT Alone

Session 459/12151: Control of maternal HIV-1 disease during pregnancy Poster Session 32453: Safety of combined therapies in pregnancy

The new guidelines for antiviral therapy suggest that we should consider the best antiviral therapy for a pregn...