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Could it be trush and should I start Hiv Treatment

Should I start treatment? Dear Docor I have read every article here about thrush and even looked at the website and still i cannot tell if i havve thrush. Everytime I go to the doctor what ever it is, it goes away. I see to have a white s...

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where is the urgency?

hi doctors, Realising that you recieve alot of questions, i have also asked several both here and in other categories and forums, i am not begging per se but i hope you will answer this one because i am getting panicky. Due to other medical condition...

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pennis is not getting hard,less excitement

hi i am chintu patel i have a strange problem. my problem is my pennis is not getting hard enough to have a sex i dont know why. i didnt have sex from last 3 years and before 3 years i was having no problem and i was fine i also had an appendix opera...

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the left side of stomach hurts

me and my sister got in a fight a few days ago and she kicked me in the stomach several times with theses large boots and i have had problems with the left side of my stomach ever since i went to the hospital and they did ct scan on my abdominal part...

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Trizivir and Kaletra

I was tested positive 11/01, viral load is 885,000 and cd4 is 136. I am resistant to Sustiva and that class of drugs and my doctor has put me on the combo of Trizivir and Kaletra. What do you think of this? Anything I should be aware of? Also, the s...

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Genital Herpes

I have been under lots of stress lately. I suffered of Herpes. I apply Acyclovir every 6 hours when I have an outbreak and it usually lasts 4 days. But lately I have sufferes about 4 outbreaks in the last 3 months. One month ago it was the most criti...

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Is the EIA antibody test a newer generation test than a Elisa test(1st generation)? would it pick up odder strains bettor than elisa ?

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nasonex and hiv

I recently read that Nasonex or other steriod-based allergy meds are not a recommended allergy treatment for those with suppressed immune systems. I'm hiv positive and not on hiv meds (yet), and Nasonex works great for me, but I don't want to risk my...

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Pimple-like Bumps on Labia???

I have a pipmle-like bump on my labia and I am not sure what it is. I recently went to the doctor and I am awaiting test results for a possible herpetic virus (which I would just die if it comes back positive!!!) This is the third "bump" I've had sin...

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Double Protease Inhibitor Combinations

Abstract I-202. Safety and efficacy of a combination of ritonavir and saquinavir added to AZT + 3TC in HIV-infected patients. ANRS 069 Abstract I-203. A pilot study of saquinavir in combination with ritonavir and d4T in patients with advanced HIV...