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Alvan E. Fisher, M.D.

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What are the possible Side Effects of Decanandrolen 200?

I recently purchased a bottle of Decanandrolen 200 from some guy a friend recomended. After purchasing the product I noticed that the bottle states that it is for Veternarian Use Only. The person I bought it from claims that its OK to use it. Can I i...

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Urgent! Anadrol/Lipo/Gynecomastia Problem

Dearest Experts: First - thanks for all the sound advice you regularly provide - it provides a great research tool and "Starting Point" in determining appropriate treatments, etc. I started taking Anadrol-50 about a year ago (100mg/day), and was on i...

Q&A: Ask the Experts

obestity and the industrial revolution

Do you think that the industrial revolution has any part in America's obesity problem? Why or why not? I'd appreciate if you had your research sited.