Compassion in Dying

Created in 2005 by the unification of Compassion In Dying and End-of Life Choices, Compassion & Choices supports, educates and advocates for choice and care at the end of life.

As the oldest and largest choice-in-dying organization in the country, Compassion & Choices has more than 25 years of experience in advocacy and service. We work for improved care and expanded options at the end of life, with effective care for every dying person. We support comprehensive pain control and palliative care, and legal assisted dying if suffering is unbearable.

Much of the work we do is accomplished through the grassroots efforts of our members and volunteers who generously give their time to support and strengthen their own communities. Compassion & Choices is proud to have 95 local groups across the country.

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Decisions about the end of your life should rest in your hands. We are here to make sure you have the final choice.


Our Client Support Program serves individuals, families and others who may be facing the end of life or planning ahead. These services include:

  • Support and counsel to anyone who contacts us
  • Local referrals to pain specialists, hospice programs, social service agencies, disease-specific support groups and others
  • Assistance in completing living will/advance directive and in talking to families, friends and health care providers about health care wishes
  • Advocacy for people in nursing homes or who are receiving inadequate care


Knowledge is power. To advocate for our own end-of-life care, we need to know our rights and make plans. Compassion & Choices offers resources including books, pamphlets, videos and access to a speakers bureau.

We also provide information, counsel and support to individuals facing the end of life. We talk with patients and their families about pain and symptom management, hospice care, and suggest ways they can address concerns with their doctor. For those who are terminally ill, we may discuss safe, effective methods for hastening death as an option of last resort.

Physicians provide a crucial link in our commitment to compassionate patient care. Our professional education programs offer a venue for doctors to discuss how they can help their terminally ill patients achieve a peaceful death.


Death doesn't have to mean suffering. In the event of a terminal illness, we each should have the right to choose the time and manner of our death when the course is prolonged or agonized.

Compassion & Choices pursues legal and legislative reform at local, state, and federal levels to ensure a patient's right to a peaceful death, including implementation and enforcement of advance directives, pain and symptom management, and legalization of assisted dying.

How to Reach Compassion & Choices

PO Box 101810
Denver, CO 80250-1810

tel: 800-247-7421
fax: 303-639-1224

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Depending upon where the incidents occurred and who was responsible, complaints can be filed to any of the following. There is no time limit on these complaints -- however, the sooner after the incident, the more effective the complaint. Your first a...

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Oregon's Assisted-Dying Law: Seldom Used -- No Complications

Oregon's assisted dying law finished its third year of helping countless Oregonians receive better end-of-life care and die better deaths. And it once again proved its critics wrong on every count.

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Alaska Constitutional Challenge Moves to Supreme Court

Compassion in Dying Federation continues to press a claim under the Alaska State constitution on behalf of a class of terminally ill individuals, represented by two named plaintiffs, Kevin Sampson and Jane Doe.

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Senate Bill to Nullify Death With Dignity Act Also Threatens Pain Care Nationwide

The U.S. Senate is preparing to join the U.S. House in overriding Oregon's Death With Dignity Act, authorized twice by statewide votes of the people of Oregon. In the process, Congress seems willing to condemn thousands of terminally ill Americans to...

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