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Christian Daniel Kiley is a filmmaker, HIV awareness educator, husband, uncle, brother and reluctant millennial who was diagnosed with HIV in 2007. At the time of his diagnosis, he refrained from disclosing his status to anyone -- friends, family, let alone the Internet. After five years of isolation, he decided to disclose to his family, friends and then the Internet. Since then, he has earned his MFA in Media Art from Emerson College in Boston, Mass. He is the creator of the Web series, Unsure/Positive, which released its first season via Vimeo on Demand in December 2015. An actor, writer, director, teacher and sci-fi nerd, he also speaks to Boston-area youth about HIV awareness with an emphasis on prevention and destigmatization. Although his dry wit is sometimes mistaken for indifference, his heart has taken up permanent residence on his sleeve. Your questions, opinions, letters and suggestions are welcome at unsurepositive@
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From Presidential Politics to AIDS 'Patient Zero,' America Loves a Scapegoat: A Blog Entry by Christian Kiley

For Christian Kiley, the debunking of the dehumanizing HIV Patient Zero myth reminds him that the blaming and shaming messages seen in the current United States presidential election aren't new.

By Christian Kiley

HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part Two: A Video Blog Entry by Christian Kiley

An introduction to HIV-positive protagonists in mainstream media, in this episode Christian Kiley looks at a selection of TV movies from 1985-1994.

By Christian Kiley

HIV-Positive Protagonists, Part One: A Video Blog Entry by Christian Kiley

An introduction to HIV-positive protagonists in mainstream media. In this first installment, Christian Kiley looks at Jonathan Demme's Philadelphia as a starting point.

By Christian Kiley

I Am Not Kieran, I Am Kieran: The Story Behind the Story of the Lead Character in Unsure/Positive

Actor and director Christian Kiley discusses how he relates to the main character of his web series, Unsure/Positive -- including battling meth addiction and discovering he was HIV positive.

By Christian Kiley

Tuning in to HIV: Altering the HIV Narrative With Vimeo on Demand -- A Blog Entry by Christian Kiley

As an HIV-positive filmmaker and actor Christian Kiley wanted to change the way HIV is portrayed in movies and television. So he wrote and directed a Web series -- but he wonders, "Why don't more people watch?"

By Christian Kiley

Resolutions and New Beginnings: A Blog Entry by Christian Kiley

With job woes resolved and new opportunities to share his HIV story, Kiley says he's no longer a "tightly wound anxiety driven pariah." His mantra for the new year is be brave, be ruthless, be heard -- and be happy.

By Christian Kiley

A Long December, Part One: A Blog Entry by Christian Kiley

"I'm not going back into the HIV closet," vows Christian, after experiencing workplace HIV stigma. "I'm not quitting a job that combines my love for filmmaking and youth development."

By Christian Kiley