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Roxanna Hope Radja, Ward Horton, Michael Urie, Harvey Fierstein, Mercedes Ruehl, Jack DiFalco, and Michael Hsu Rosen
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Carrying the 'Torch': Broadway Director Moisés Kaufman Talks About a Post-AIDS 'Torch Song'

The passionate and prolific director talks about what it took to get this new version of the play mounted.

Charles Sanchez sits on a sidewalk in New York City
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Angels in Arkansas: My 15-Year AIDS-versary

"I hate this!" Charles Sanchez pouted, as he sat helplessly on the floor of his hospital room. "I feel so pathetic. Christ!" The nurse, Anthony, cooed comfortingly: "I know, honey. Just let it out, darlin'."

Martin Walker
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'I Am Detectable': One Man's Story

Usually not just one issue, but a combination of challenges, leads to gaps in care -- and a detectable viral load.

Hernando Umana
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Broadway's Hernando Umana Comes Out as HIV Positive

In what he called "the most important, scary, and liberating post of my life," New York actor Hernando Umana came out via Instagram as a proud gay man living with HIV.

Participants of the International Brotherhood Retreat weekend
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Brotherhood of Man: My Experience at a Spiritual Retreat for HIV-Positive MSM

"It's not often that gay men get an opportunity to commune together in this kind of shared spiritual experience," Charles Sanchez writes, "and for me, it was precious and profound."

At Gay Games Village with Federation of Gay Games co-president Joanie Evans, honorary chair Brent Nicholson Earle, and Stephen Kovacev
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65-Year-Old HIV Hero Competes in Gay Games

Stephen Kovacev, a 65-year-old HIV-positive athlete and cancer survivor, is competing in the quadrennial Gay Games in Paris.

My Pal Tina: West Hollywood, Waiting Tables, and Crystal Meth Img

My Pal Tina: West Hollywood, Waiting Tables, and Crystal Meth

Recounting his downward spiral with crystal meth, Charles Sanchez writes, "Hang out with Tina, and you don't know where you'll end up: maybe at a bar, maybe at a cool party, maybe at a sex club, maybe in jail."

SAAF logo

Combating HIV in the Southwest: Keeping Arizonans 'SAAF'

You don't hear a lot about Arizona when it comes to HIV, but the Southern Arizona AIDS Foundation (SAAF) is busy combating HIV and providing HIV-related services and support in the Southwest.

Richard Flores
Personal Stories

Hope Inspires Victory: HIV-Positive Filmmaker Richard Flores

With so many tragedies and challenges in his life, it would have been easy for Richard Flores to give up. Instead, he has become a documentary filmmaker.

Best in Drag 2018, Mariette Moure

Party With a Purpose: New York's Best in Drag

"The real winners of the night were The Alliance for Positive Change and GMHC, which not only partnered to make the evening happen but also raised much-needed funds to support programs at their respective agencies," writes Charles Sanchez.