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Catherine Hanssens, Esq.

Catherine Hanssens has been active in HIV legal and policy issues since 1984. She is the executive director of the Center for HIV Law and Policy, the first national legal resource and strategy center for people with HIV and their advocates.

Previously, Hanssens lead the development of Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund's HIV litigation and policy work as the AIDS project director for eight years. During her earlier work with the AIDS Law Project of Pennsylvania, Hanssens created and managed a model on-site legal assistance program for single parents with HIV in Philadelphia-area hospitals and clinics that brought together legal, medical and social services.

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A 'Justice' Kavanaugh Would Be a Nightmare for People Living With Disabilities, Including PLHIV Img

A 'Justice' Kavanaugh Would Be a Nightmare for People Living With Disabilities, Including PLHIV

"There are plenty of reasons why LGBT people and people living with HIV should be horrified at the prospect of a Justice Kavanaugh," writes Catherine Hanssens, the founder and executive director of The Center for HIV Law & Policy.

A Moment of Outrage With a Silver Lining Img

A Moment of Outrage With a Silver Lining

Betty Price's comments about HIV spark backlash while her committee quietly issues a well-reasoned critique of Georgia's HIV criminal laws.

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AIDS Criminals and Innocent Victims: Is There Anything Wrong With This Picture? A Blog Entry by Catherine Hanssens, Esq.

This blog previously appeared on The Center for HIV Law and Policy's Web site and has been reprinted with permission.

On September 18th, ABC's "20/20" program aired a piece on five Texas women who slept with "HIV criminal" 53-year-old Philippe Padie...

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A Brief Overview of Bragdon v. Abbott

On June 25, 1998, the U. S. Supreme Court issued its decision on a case that many had been watching closely. Bragdon is the first case in which the Supreme Court has addressed HIV, and also the first time the high court has reviewed a case interpreti...

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Bragdon v. Abbott: The Supreme Court Takes on HIV

Recent victories against AIDS/HIV discrimination are refreshing good news. These advances also serve as markers for how far we still have to go in the legal struggles of the epidemic. Lambda's AIDS Project recently initiated litigation against insure...

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Another Round in the Battle: The Rights of HIV-Positive Health Care Providers

Two years after the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) went into effect, we are beginning to see results. Cases challenging discriminatory practices such as benefits caps on AIDS-related health care or denial of medical care to HIV-positive patien...

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Violence Against People With HIV

Just before the beginning of the trial of Marvin McClendon for the execution-style murders of Joe Shoemake and Bobby Walters in Laurel, Mississippi, media interest in the case intensified.

McClendon's attorney was trumpeting his defense theory on th...