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It IS About the Bike: A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

"Being on the bike has changed my life. I'm healthier, more energetic and am part of a supportive, loving community. ... Here I am, a straight, negative, married woman, who spends just about every weekend with a couple dozen mostly gay, mostly HIV-po...

By Carol Hyman

One More for the Road: A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

"Since crew and racers are often on the road, grab and go food is important. Sandwiches are made by the dozen. Another favorite is a banana and peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla. The team and crew eat enough bananas to support the economy of a Cent...

By Carol Hyman

RAAM: A Race Like No Other -- A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

"Most people who know anything about bicycle racing are familiar with the Tour de France. ... Teams ride hundreds of miles, climb daunting hills and speed down treacherous mountainsides. Those things are also true of RAAM. But in many ways, that is w...

By Carol Hyman

This Year's Race: That Was Then, This Is Now -- A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

"Last year, we came in eighth," writes Carol Hyman, part of the Team4HIVHope crew that inspired the community by completing last year's 3,000-mile Race Across America. "This year we plan to finish in the top three."

By Carol Hyman

Meet the 2012 Team4HIVHope Racers: A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

Team4HIVHope finished eighth in last summer's 3,000-mile Race Across America. In 2012 they've got designs on the top three -- and they've got a researcher onboard studying HIV-positive and -negative endurance athletes. Meet the new team!

By Carol Hyman

What's Next for Team4HIVHope? A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

Most of the crew and racers have returned home, though Steven and Marty are continuing a vacation in the States before returning to Australia. We're snug in our own beds with our dogs, cats and loved ones. We're catching up on a week's worth of sleep...

By Carol Hyman

My Competitor, My Friend: A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

June 23, afternoon; Somewhere in Indiana

Wednesday had been a tough day for the team, but it ended pretty well with the guys closing in on some other racers. There had been a good-natured rivalry between Team4HIVHope and the Crank Addicts, a relay t...

By Carol Hyman

I'm a Kitty; You're a Kitty: A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

June 22, 10 a.m.; Jefferson, Mo.

It's Wednesday and the morning greeted us with a flat tire on one of our vans. That along with sleep deprivation, sore muscles, cramped quarters and unannounced route changes have led to more than just a few frayed n...

By Carol Hyman

The Team4HIVHope Crew: Flexibility and Determination -- A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

June 20, 11:36 a.m.; Somewhere near Durango, Colo.

There is no question that the racers have an incredibly tough, demanding job. Ride, eat, short rest and ride again.

But for the crew, many of whom are also HIV positive, the race is a balancing act...

By Carol Hyman

RAAM: Simple as a Rubik's Cube: A Blog Entry by Carol Hyman

This post was written on June 17, the day before the race began.

By Carol Hyman