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Calvin Spinks. M.A.

Calvin Spinks is Director of Prevention and Education at Saint Louis Effort for AIDS, an HIV prevention, education and service organization serving thousands of people in the St. Louis, Mo. metropolitan area. There he focuses on providing mental health counseling, implementing and evaluating outreach programs, and helping clients with treatment adherence issues. Calvin holds a master's degree in human development counseling from Bradley University; he is certified by the Red Cross to provide basic HIV/AIDS education and is also licensed to teach courses on African-American AIDS fundamentals. Before alighting at Saint Louis Effort for AIDS in 2002, Calvin held positions at numerous other HIV/AIDS organizations, including the Illinois HIV/AIDS Center and Sharon Health Care, both based in Peoria, Ill. He is currently completing coursework toward his Ph.D. in educational psychology, with an emphasis in counselor education. He is slated to finish the program in 2008. Calvin's connection to HIV is intense and personal; he has seen first-hand the havoc wrought by the virus on the African-American community, and watched as the virus claimed the lives of eight of his close friends. He has dedicated himself to preventing the further spread of HIV, a passion that shines through in his life and his work. In this spare time (such as it is), Calvin enjoys reading, writing poetry and children's short stories and spending time with his children.

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Please help us, Calvin!

Dear Calvin, I have written with this question several times and cannot get a response from Dr. Bob. Could you please help my wife and me? A week ago, while out of town, I spent time with a stripper in one of those back rooms. Here is what happened: ...

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More info please

Dear Calvin, First, it's great to see a fellow St. Louisan making such a difference. I'm a southsider, lived in Bevo nearly all my life. I need to ask you to elaborate on the late sero-conversion issue. You corrected yourself in stating that only 2 c...

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Late Seroconversion ?

Hi Calvin , i finished my 13th week testing and the result came back negative. During that week i had a cold. About two weeks later i caught a flu, with fever and a severe sore throat, difficulty swallowing food and stuff. Is it possible to have ARS ...

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HIV risk with orgy

Hi Calvin, I had an orgy the other day with three girls and a buddy. I didn't have sex with the guy but we both did all three girls. I ate all of them out and licked one of the girls asses. I also got blowjobs. I don't feel that good today. The inter...

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sorry, but you do disagree with bob:

Bob: "Fingering, even with a small cut, is not considered risky." vs. Calvin: "not zero risk"

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HIV from Blood in Water

Calvin, please help me, I've searched all through your site and I've been unable to ascertain a risk for being infected with HIV through my experience with blood in water. I am desperate for some guidance, as this has consumed my thoughts everyday fo...

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how long does it take hiv to show up positive?

In august of 2002 I had uprotected sex with a guy I had been dating for 5 months later that year in december I took a hiv test it came out negitive ion 12/03 i took another test I didnt get the results because Ithink I might be positive because all o...

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i'm worried please help me

dear dr Ive asked this question before with no response and have read through the many letter sent to you but I still can not have a good closure on my fears. my story in short is, i went to a all nude dances club, got a lapdance by a completely nude...