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Ten Tips on Injecting Fuzeon

This material was developed independently through an unrestricted educational grant from Trimeris.

Add the Fuzeon powder to the sterile water solution provided. To ensure that the powder dissolves completely into the solution, roll the vial slowly a...

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CD4 and CD4/CD8 ratio

Dear Cal, I have been recently diagnosed HIV+ (June 02) and have some questions regarding both the CD4/CD8 ratio and CD4 which do not seem to be spoken about as much as the CD4 absolute. My first question is what exactly are CD8 cells? What happens t...

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PEP didn't work. 6 mths later now what?

In September of 2000 I had receptive anal intercourse. After the act, I learned that the man intentionally mutilated the condom and exposed me to HIV. I started PEP on 9/12/2000, within 48 hours of the exposure. I was first put on Combivir and Sustiv...

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Antibiotics combined with anti viral medicines

Can a pregnant woman combine antibiotics for pregnant women against Chlamydia while taking Combivir and Viracept. Should there be a pause of taking the anti viral medicines while taking the antibiotics. I understand that combining antibiotics with an...

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New Developments in Affordable Antiretroviral Therapy: Several Studies Examine Intermittent Treatment

Drug Interruptions, Holidays and Pauses: an overview of outcomes. A randomized, controlled trial of intermittent versus continuous highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) (Lb0r11) Authored by M. Dybul, C. Yoder, M. Belson, T.-W. Chun, C. H...

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Penis bleeding after sexual intercourse

I am a 34 yr old male. During intercourse "doggy-style" with my wife, I felt a sharp pain in my penis when my wife moved at an odd angle. This angle caused my penis to bend forward at an odd angle. This occurred several times and when I finally had a...

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Echinacea, grapefruit juice, tylenol, whats safe?

I have been reading a lot - only in bits a pieces, about what one should or should not eat when positive. (I just tested positive last April - am now v< 50 and T 333) I just came down with a nasty cold, and was about to take some echinacea when I not...

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HIV/AIDS: Can mosquitos hold the cure???

Hi, my name is Christopher and I am a student in Des Moines Iowa. Since I have been studying the structure and characteristics of the HIV virus, myself and a group of other students have been given the topic HIV/AIDS to discuss for our biology class ...

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Crix Dosage - 3x2 or 2x3?

I currently use Crixivan, 2 capsules, 3 times a day (7am, 3pm, 11pm) in combination with 3TC and d4T... undetectable VL, CD4=230. My MD suggests sticking with the current pattern, since the long term effect of 3 caps x 2 are not well known. I normal...

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Surpized Anal Penatration,but no Orgasm, VERY WORRIED.PLEASE ANSWER

Please help, I had an encounter with a couple and during my giving her oral sex, her B/F attempet anal sex with me. He was able to insert before I realized what had happened. I stopped him and know he did not orgasm. However I am very concerned about...