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Ten Tips on Injecting Fuzeon

This material was developed independently through an unrestricted educational grant from Trimeris.

Add the Fuzeon powder to the sterile water solution provided. To ensure that the powder dissolves completely into the solution, roll the vial slowly a...

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following up on your request

Dear Dr. Cohen, You had kindly answered my question over one week ago (on 3/16) in regards to "Dr. won't return calls, made wrong choice" and said to keep you updated. Thank you so much for your time. I couldn't stand it any longer and went to see my...

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You said oral thrush is early syptom of VIH infection

Hello. Reading here in the forum I fiund that you have said that oral thrush is an early symptom of HIV infection. How early? 2 months? 3 months? What is early speaking about HIV infection? Excuse me to post this message in the Simplifying treatment,...

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CD4 and CD4/CD8 ratio

Dear Cal, I have been recently diagnosed HIV+ (June 02) and have some questions regarding both the CD4/CD8 ratio and CD4 which do not seem to be spoken about as much as the CD4 absolute. My first question is what exactly are CD8 cells? What happens t...

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Pre HAART therapy

Dear Dr Cohen, prior to HAART therapy, did anyone anticipate that the mono/dual therapy using AZT would only be able to prolong the lifespan for PWAs for 1-2years? Or were they anticipating that it could last much longer but then it turn out not to b...

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How accurate could be the tests during possible ARS: Elisa 4 and 7 weeks negative and p24 antigen test at five weeks negative?

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Anal Warts-Please Help!

Hi Dr. Cohen-PLEASE post an answer to my question as I really need some guidance. I have been HIV+ for about 3 years. I am on a combination of Combivir and Viracept and my T-Cells are high and my viral load undetectable. I have recently discovered wh...

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Dear Dr.Cohen, Many thanks for the reply you gave me re Neuropathy (10th May).Sorry for not giving you more details.But here they are: I have chronic bilateral SENSORY Neuropathy of both feet.The nerve biopsy that I had,showed that the axion ("wire" ...

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PEP didn't work. 6 mths later now what?

In September of 2000 I had receptive anal intercourse. After the act, I learned that the man intentionally mutilated the condom and exposed me to HIV. I started PEP on 9/12/2000, within 48 hours of the exposure. I was first put on Combivir and Sustiv...

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Dear Dr.Cohen, I have had a sural nerve Biopsy which showed severe neural damage to the nerves. It has been suggested to commence Steroid/cortisone treatment.This will apparently stop the progress of the neuropathy as well as providing relief to both...