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Cade Fields-Gardner M.S., R.D.

Cade Fields-Gardner is a registered dietician specializing in HIV. She is Director of Services for The Cutting Edge, an organization dedicated to addressing nutrition-related issues in HIV through research, education, training and patient care. She is also a regular consultant for the Pediatric AIDS Clinical Trial Group (PACTG) and selected Adult ACTG projects, for which she provides training and body-composition recommendations. In addition to these commitments, Ms. Fields-Gardner also provides training, education, research and program development services for public agencies, professional organizations, health facilities and industry. She has authored professional research and review articles, including: the 1994 and 2000 Position Paper for nutritional management in HIV/AIDS for the American Dietetic Associations and Dietitians of Canada; patient-oriented pamphlets, handouts, and articles; a Clinician's Guidebook on Nutritional Management in HIV/AIDS; two books on HIV Medication Interactions; and her current project, a cookbook for patients in the era of HAART. Today, Ms. Fields-Gardner's work focuses on field-testing nutritional management guidelines for pediatric HIV-infected patients in the United States. She is also working with the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health to develop, implement and monitor nutritional projects for HIV-infected and affected people in selected Southern African and Central American countries. She has a special interest in public policy on HIV infection and has presented her work on nutrition-related issues in HIV locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Ms. Fields-Gardner earned her Master of Science degree from San Jose State University. She was trained as an HIV nutrition specialist at San Francisco General Hospital and St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital Center in New York City.

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Vegetarian Diet

For a vegetarian, what would be the best diet to get protein from non-animal products, and is it recommended for HIV patients?

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HIV diet and gaining weight

Most of the nutrition diets are really good, but they lack on gaining weith for HIV'ers+. What do I need to do to keep eating healthy and also gaining weight?

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killing muscle cells

Hi Cade, Do you believe there are cases where a person has no problem with absorption, caloric-protein intake, diarrhea, fatigue, reduced strength or physical ability, yet, still has muscle wasting due to HIV actually infecting and then killing off m...

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Getting skinnier and skinnier

Please Help! My VL is UD and my CD4's are around 500. I am a recently diagnosed diabetic and my sugar is being well controlled with Avandamet. I also have had a heart attack and triple-bypass heart surgery within the last 18 months. The surgery was ...

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HGH side effects reversible?

I have been on HGH, Serostim 6mg a day for nearly 2 years gained over 20lbs and loved the results. But have slowly noticed quite an increase in the size of my nose, have been to plastic surgeons and they say it's inoperable due to sabceous, thick ski...

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Lipodystrophy [vs. lipoatrophy definition]

What is the diference between Lipodystrophy and Lipoatrophy? For years I only heard and read about Lipodystrophy, and now it seems all reference is to Lipoatrophy.

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you have been right all along

Hi Miss Fields-Gardner I wrote to you almost a year ago about severe body composition changes after a strange acute illness following high risk sexual exposures. You suggested it was a cortisol problem, and guess what? I have been averaging a cortiso...

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Are my triglycerides bad?

I came across a question you answered that was posted on September 1, 2002 regarding triglycerides and diet. I have high triglycerides (420), but everything else is fine (cholesterol at 180, HDL at 37, LDL at 61). I am 6' and 220 lbs. I exercise regu...

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Weight loss normal in early stage?

Hello Cade. A very quick question for you. Would weight loss and wasting gums likely occur within the first three months of contracting HIV. I'm definitely losing weight and am pretty sure this gum wasting has just started to occur. When I say wastin...

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Niacin and abdominal accumulation of fat

Hi. I am 49 y.o LM HIV+ diagnosed 6yrs ago. Undetectable. CD4: 625. Taking Viramune, Ziagen, Epivir. During the last two years I have developed a huge abdomen that does not go down despite diet/exercise. I also suffer from hyperlipidimia and HTN. I ...