Brooke Davidoff

Brooke was diagnosed HIV positive in January 2010 -- two months married and 11 weeks pregnant with her first baby -- and has already begun to educate others about HIV. She now lives in Texas, and her poetry has been featured on Her son was born on July 15, 2010.

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And Then, I Was a Single HIV-Positive Mother

"You cannot work on something that never existed," Brooke Davidoff writes. "You cannot give a dead marriage CPR and wake up one day to a miracle."

By Brooke Davidoff

My Miscarriage: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

Brooke Davidoff shares this deeply personal, graphically descriptive summary of her recent miscarriage.

By Brooke Davidoff

After Week One of a Trump Presidency, Facing Fears That My Son Will Have a Sick, Dying Mother: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"Keeping programs like the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion active and funded keeps [HIV-positive people] alive and working, not dying in some hospital bed," Brooke Davidoff writes.

By Brooke Davidoff

She Doesn't Know Your Mutual Ex Is Positive. What Would You Do? A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"People have a right to know they are in danger of this symptomless disease you don't know about until it's too late. It is worth an email, no matter how awkward or nervous or afraid you are of the reaction you will get."

By Brooke Davidoff

Curiosity: We Need to Stop Hiding and Speak Up -- A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"If my blogs help anyone practice safe sex even with someone they have been with for years then my story has had a purpose," writes Brooke Davidoff.

By Brooke Davidoff

Learning to Survive the Journey of Life Together, HIV, Baby and All: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"Do you need help with verbal communication in your relationships?" asks Brooke Davidoff. "Watch the reality TV show Married at First Sight -- I'm not even kidding."

By Brooke Davidoff

Oops, I Outed Myself: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

When Davidoff had some friends over for her husband's birthday, she didn't plan to disclose her HIV status, but then ... "BAM right in the middle of pineapple birthday cake, the truth was out there. It got awkward for a second, then we began the stor...

By Brooke Davidoff

My Husband: My Path Through the Sh*t of Life: A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"The people who stick up for us and stay are part of our unseen strength," writes blogger Brooke Davidoff, after a long overdue heartfelt chat with her husband, Keanen.

By Brooke Davidoff

Time ... for Another Baby? A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

As she prepares to celebrate her son Myles' fifth birthday -- not long after the fifth anniversary of her HIV diagnosis -- blogger Brooke Davidoff asks, "Are we too old to have Baby Two?"

By Brooke Davidoff

From Up to Down and Back Again: More Tales From Texas -- A Blog Entry by Brooke Davidoff

"There is NO normal. At least for us there is not." With her signature dry humor, blogger Brooke Davidoff recounts the latest surprises and setbacks in her new city -- including a lapse in insurance coverage.

By Brooke Davidoff