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Brian Gaither

Brian Gaither

Brian Gaither is a writer and activist for LGBTQ issues living in Maryland. He's a co-founder of the Maryland LGBT PAC and the non-profit Pride Foundation of Maryland. His previous works have been published in the Baltimore Sun, Maryland Matters, The Advocate, and the Washington Blade. He is on twitter @briangaither

Latest by Brian Gaither

Bernie Sanders superimposed over Capitol building

Can Bernie Sanders End the HIV Epidemic?

“If what [Republicans] describe as socialism is the best path to achieve the end of the HIV epidemic, then we ourselves cannot dismiss the Sanders campaign with the same zeal,” activist Brian Gaither writes.

Pete Buttigieg superimposed over Capitol building

Can Pete Buttigieg End the HIV Epidemic?

Despite having some smart policies, Pete Buttigieg, according to writer Brian Gaither, doesn’t seem to have a firm grasp on the gravity of the AIDS epidemic.

John Delaney superimposed over Capitol building

Can John Delaney End the HIV Epidemic?

John Delaney is most famous at this point for getting dunked on by Elizabeth Warren in a near-campaign-ending jab on health care. So, can this guy actually do anything positive for America’s HIV epidemic?