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Want to "Get the Sex You Want?" and "F*ck Without Fear?"

What's available to help gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) navigate their sexual health – including HIV prevention strategies – in the world of today?

By Brandyn Gallagher

Where Do I Fit In? PrEP and Transgender Men

There aren't guidelines about PrEP use for transgender men who have sex with men because there haven't been any studies specifically looking at how the drug works in our bodies.

By Brandyn Gallagher for BETA

A Trans Man Discusses PrEP and Condomless Casual Sex

When it comes to PrEP, condoms and sex, how can you make a well-informed, rational decision when researchers won't study your community? Brandyn Gallagher, a transgender man, writes about his experiences at the nexus of these issues.

By Brandyn Gallagher

Better Sexual Health Care for Trans Men

Accessing competent, culturally-sensitive, non-judgmental sexual health care isn't always a given for anyone, but it may be even harder for transgender men.

By Brandyn Gallagher for BETA