Brandon Lacy Campos

Brandon Lacy Campos is a 32-year-old queer, poz, African-American, Afro-Puerto Rican, Ojibwe and Euro (smorgasbord) poet, playwright, blogger, journalist and novelist (that last one is slowly coming along). In 2009, named him the #2 queer, Latino blogger to watch. In 2006, the Star Tribune named him a young policy wonk for his political shenanigans. His writing and poetry have appeared in numerous anthologies including, most recently, Mariposas, edited by Emanuel Xavier and published by Floricanto Press. This fall, his work will appear in the academic text Queer Twin Cities, published by the University of Minnesota Press. And, one of these days, Summerfolk Press will be publishing his first solo book of poetry: It Ain't Truth If It Doesn't Hurt. Brandon is hard at work on his first novel, Eden Lost, and he lives in New York City with his partner, artist David Berube, and his boss, Mimzy Lacy Berube de Campos (their dog).

It's with heavy hearts that we share that Brandon passed away unexpectedly on Friday, Nov. 9, 2012. He was 35 years old. Read memorials by Brandon's friends and colleagues.

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Latest by Brandon Lacy Campos

Why Voting Matters: Barack Obama, I Got You -- A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"No person in the White House is going to give us our liberation, but I do not ascribe to the notion that who you vote for in this corporate democracy doesn't matter."

By Brandon Lacy Campos

Volttage: A Dating and Hook Up Site for POZitively Sexy People -- A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"A hook-up site with financial backing that is aimed at eliminating stigma and supporting the HIV-positive community, AND -- here is the critical piece -- holding up and recognizing that HIV-positive people GET to be sexual beings, GET to be human, G...

By Brandon Lacy Campos

Meds Today: A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"Each night at dinner time, there will be a tiny reminder of the disease with which I live. A little squatter that keeps ignoring my eviction notices."

By Brandon Lacy Campos

An HIV Nonprogressor Starts Meds; or HIV Sucks: A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"My body just got a little tired. It fought so hard for so so so long. From 25 to 35 it fought a war that it will win, but now it needs just a little help. Just a bit."

By Brandon Lacy Campos

Getting Past the Gay Marriage Issue to What Really Matters: A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"It's time to get 'Beyond Marriage' as a movement. I can guarantee you that a homeless black lesbian mother would give you a prioritized list of needs, and the right to marry wouldn't be one of them."

By Brandon Lacy Campos

Reproductive Justice and HIV: Comments at the 26th Annual CLPP Conference From Abortion Rights to Social Justice -- A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"The right to live full, happy, sexy lives without or WITH families is the right of every person living with HIV. The right to have mind blowing, wild, out-of-pocket, hang-from-the-rafters, and clap-your-hands sex is the RIGHT of every person living ...

By Brandon Lacy Campos

Everyday Heroes: Wilson Cruz -- A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

So, being gay famous and all, I have had the occasion upon occasion to meet folks that are actually famous. One of my best friends is Bebe Zahara Benet, I am acquainted with Cheyenne Jackson, though better with his partner (fellow Minnesotan) Monte -...

By Brandon Lacy Campos

Great Expressions Dental Denies HIV Discrimination Claim; I Deny Their Denial: A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

Late last year, news broke that a former dental office worker in Michigan had sued his employer, Great Expressions Dental, for allegedly harassing and firing him due to his HIV status. Great Expressions Dental is now countersuing -- and blogger Brand...

By Brandon Lacy Campos

This Pozitive Life: A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"I have never blamed anyone else for my HIV status, but nor had I really looked at my myself and said: 'Hey kid, you did this to yourself," Brandon Lacy Campos writes. "[HIV] was confirmation of everything that I believe(d) about myself. I was unlova...

By Brandon Lacy Campos

"Does This Look Like AIDS?": A Blog Entry by Brandon Lacy Campos

"There are those moments in life when an individual opens up his mouth and something so far beyond ridiculous and inappropriate comes out that your first and immediate reaction is to start looking for hidden cameras," Brandon Lacy Campos writes. In t...

By Brandon Lacy Campos