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A banker turned AIDS activist, Bob Leahy is the busy Editor of, Canada's globally read online HIV magazine by and for people living with HIV. Diagnosed with HIV in 1993, Bob has held almost every volunteer position in the HIV community imaginable, including chairing his local ASO and serving on the boards of the Ontario HIV Treatment Network and the Canadian AIDS Society. Recognized on the Ontario AIDS Network's prestigious Honour Roll, his interests lie in social media, gay men's sexual health and making HIV research intelligible for all. A long-time blogger, this ex-Torontonian lives the rural life with his three dogs and partner of thirty-one years.

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Dumbing Down HIV Treatment Hurts Everybody

There is so much faulty information on what being on treatment means and when to start that it is hurting us all. But there are solutions that can successfully balance patient rights with the benefits of starting treatment early.

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Filling the Void: Canada's National Voice for People Living With HIV Takes Flight

A new organization by and for Canadian people living with HIV has fiven them a strong voice on the national stage. PositiveLite's Bob Leahy reports.

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What It Means to Be Undetectable

Bob Leahy of sat down with AIDS Vancouver to discuss their new campaign, which discusses the importance of being undetectable.

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Undetectable: A Drama in Three Parts -- A Blog Entry by Bob Leahy

Are those with undetectable viral loads still laboring under the burden of being seen as being as infectious as ever? What's the potential of that message to cause harm?

By Bob Leahy

Howdy, PARTNER: Gay Men and HIV Transmission

PositiveLite editor Bob Leahy sat down with James Wilton to discuss what having an undetectable viral load means for HIV transmission among gay men.

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Memoirs of a Caregiver, Part 3: A Blog Entry by Bob Leahy

This article first appeared on, Canada's Online HIV Magazine, on Feb. 20, 2014.

I don't pretend that this story is at all unique. I tell it because I suspect it may be part of a growing trend -- HIVers assuming the role of caregiver...

By Bob Leahy

An Ill Partner, an Ailing Pet: When the Tables Are Turned -- A Blog Entry by Bob Leahy

True, cancer doesn't have quite the stigma associated with HIV, but it certainly isn't stigma-free, and it comes with a prognosis that makes HIV in 2014 look like a walk in the park.

By Bob Leahy

Both Sides Now: Caring for an HIV-Negative Partner -- A Blog Entry by Bob Leahy

"Prostate cancer after all is more often than not eminently treatable -- but I've felt uncomfortable about issues involving mortality (mine and his) for decades."

By Bob Leahy

Hooked Up: Exploring HIV Disclosure Online: A Blog Entry by Bob Leahy

"In an age where HIV researchers have seemingly studied virtually everything that moves, the most popular way in which gays hook up and its sexual health implications seems largely overlooked. "

By Bob Leahy

How to Say "I Quit" -- and Mean It

"My strategies for quitting [cigarettes] were scattergun. I tried them all at one time or another," recalls Bob Leahy. "By exposing what didn't work for me, quitting actually felt fairly easy."

By Bob Leahy for Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange