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Just your average, hard-working, middle-aged lady living with AIDS and making the best of it.

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Awakened From a Nightmare: A Blog Entry by Betsy Yung

"The bone broke at the top, near my knee. My medical provider sent me home like this where they left me without care for 28 days. I finally contacted my case worker at AIDS Project Los Angeles, crying and begging him to help."

By Betsy Yung

Angels on Loan From Heaven: A Blog Entry by Betsy Yung

"Pets seem to be foremost in the maintenance of our sanity and a common thread we all share, the desire to care for someone. ... Having that unconditional love is magical beyond description. I thank the universe every day for lending me the angel I n...

By Betsy Yung

The Root of Discontent or Maybe it's Just the Season Change: A Blog Entry by Betsy Yung

Wow, it's been a while since I wrote anything for the blog.

I've been busy riding and enjoying my motorcycle. It's been really good for getting me out of the house and doing things again. Have learned with each ride and have explored so many places ...

By Betsy Yung

My Treasures, Continued: A Blog Entry by Betsy Yung

Continuing my inventory of stuff saved from what seems like other lifetimes I've lived ... on some other planet far away from here or perhaps another reality. It's hard to collate life now with anything it was before. I wish I could find a way to exp...

By Betsy Yung

Tiptoe Through My Treasures: A Blog Entry by Betsy Yung

"My treasure box is littered with things that I now label mentally as "BI," before infection; "BD," before diagnosis; and "EE," everything else. … I've decided to clean out my treasure box and share its contents here in my blog."

By Betsy Yung

A Journey of a Thousand Miles ... A Blog Entry by Betsy Yung

... begins with just one step ... And with that in mind, I'll step off the edge and stretch my wings with the expectation of flight into the abyss of blogging.

Like so many others who blog or journal about living with HIV, I think my expectations ar...

By Betsy Yung