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Top 5 Anal Douching Safety Tips

The low-down on what's safe to do and what you should avoid doing if you douche.


California Cancels Contract With ADAP Administrator; HIV Advocates Hopeful for a Better System

In a move to fix ongoing service provision problems by the AIDS Drug Assistance Program, the California Department of Public Health announced that they have terminated a contract with their ADAP administrator.

By Emily Newman for BETA

When We Rise: The Exclusive Interview With AIDS Activist and Author Cleve Jones

The co-founder of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation discusses how activists can take action with an incoming Donald Trump administration.

By Chris Richey for BETA

At Sex Parties, PrEP Takes HIV Disclosure Off the Table

PrEP is changing the landscape of sex parties and other group sex events, helping to break down barriers between people who are positive and negative -- and helping people who are HIV-negative stay that way.

By Emily Newman for BETA

Syringes and Needles on the Street in San Francisco: What's Being Done?

Organizations based in San Francisco's Tenderloin and Civic Center neighborhoods have joined forces with public health authorities to increase the safe disposal of injection drug equipment in the area.

By Emily Newman for BETA

The Office of National AIDS Policy Director, Douglas Brooks, Is Leaving His Post -- Here's What It Means

Douglas M. Brooks, M.S.W., announced that he will step down from his position as director of the Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP). For the past two years, he has been President Barack Obama's lead advisor on issues related to HIV and AIDS.

By Emily Newman for BETA

Sugar, Sex and Substances: Why It's Hard to Make Changes

"A lot of us want to stop, reduce or change how we use a substance in our lives," writes Joanna Eveland, M.D. "But it can be hard. We've evolved, as a species with bodies that are particularly attuned to rewards and incentives."

By Joanna Eveland, M.D. for BETA

Discovering Your Sexual Personality in a New Era of HIV

Psychotherapist Justin Natoli explains how fears from the past may be standing in the way of sexual authenticity today.

By Justin Natoli, J.D., L.M.F.T. for BETA

Life Insurance Now Available for People With HIV

People with HIV can now sign up for life insurance coverage through a partnership with Prudential and a financial services company called Aequalis.

By Emily Newman for BETA

'My Biggest Fear Isn't AIDS, It's Being Evicted From My Rent-Controlled Unit'

A recent survey of homeless people in San Francisco found 7% were living with HIV or AIDS-related illness, which has left Jonathan concerned about his housing.

By Emily Newman for BETA