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Bernard Jackson

Bernard Jackson is an HIV prevention and education specialist working with youth in Northern Virginia. He's also a Face to Face speaker, sharing his story of living and thriving with HIV. When he speaks, as when he sings, his goal is to make audiences feel and empathize. He shares wise and unique perspectives on love ("I have had a few people say, 'I know that, to a lot of people, you identify as being gay, but I know that you were married. So what do you consider yourself?' I just say, "'I'm human, and I'm looking for love.'"); laughter ("I think laughter and happiness can pull you through, and do a lot of things with your immune system, and with your spirit, and with your body."); work ("When I speak in public, I think, How can I make this as melodious as possible? How can I use my words to bring a song to your life?"); and many other aspects of life, in hopes of helping readers to see things a little differently.

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Let's Keep It Moving! A Blog Entry by Bernard Jackson Img

Let's Keep It Moving! A Blog Entry by Bernard Jackson

After years of working with the LBGTQ community, I have found that we get things started. Be it activism fighting HIV/AIDS, homelessness, drug abuse -- we get things started. However, my experience has taught me that, after some time, we turn to othe...

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If You Let Me Into Your Life, I Will Never Ever Leave You

In his work as an HIV prevention specialist, Bernard Jackson has observed how "clever" HIV can be -- often entering people's lives when they are both vulnerable and unaware of their vulnerability. So, he decided to try writing in the virus' voice.