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High ALT numbers and Atripla: a better option?

I'd like to get your advice about asking to switch from Atripla to another drug because of elevated liver enzymes. My current AST is 40 to 48, and ALT is 100 to 110. I was infected on 10/6/2011. I was diagnosed on 10/31/2011. The first drug regime...

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Hepatitis C Infection from the Environment

Hello, I have read that hepatitis C can live in the environment for at least 16 hours but not longer than 4 days. In your opinion how likely is it to get infected with this virus through environmental contacts? Do I need to be worried every time I ge...

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Pricked dentist

Hi Dr. Barbara, Please shed some light on this: I used an explorer proble on a patients gingiva what caused a light bleeding. I then left the explorer on my tray for approximately 2-3 minutes. When I tried to reach another material, I felt a prick on...

More News on HIV Drug Interactions With New HCV Drugs -- This Time With Daclatasvir: A Blog Entry by Barbara McGovern, M.D. Img

More News on HIV Drug Interactions With New HCV Drugs -- This Time With Daclatasvir: A Blog Entry by Barbara McGovern, M.D.

Drug interactions are important because they can lead to drug levels that are either too high or too low. In light of these concerns, more drug companies are looking at potential hepatitis C (HCV) drug interactions with HIV medications.

Remember the...

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My dad has "Result: Target HBV DNA not detected" for DNA tests for past 2 years. Please let me know what does this mean?

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acute or chronic?

HbAg is 1670 blood count.Anti Hbe is reactive and anti HBc is reactive.all the rest is non reactive.Whats the status of my illness?

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Please answer my question

Hi,I was at the gym last night ,after workingout I went the steam room as I entered the room I notice blood every where and I asked a guy what happened ,he said someone nose bleed ,like 20 second ago ,I had 1 day old cuts in my hand dry skin and crak...

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Should I be alarmed? High Bilirubin results!!

Received my recent HBV results and according to the interpretation everything looks ok except for the following - Should I be alarmed? What can I do to get those numbers to go back to normal or close to? White Blood Cells are low Bilrubin (both) are ...

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Shoulf i start treatment

I have hepatitis B positive and my ALT AST are 65 and 66 respectively. My Test reports are as follow HBeAg are non-Reactive. Anti HBeAg Reactive TSH 0.789 AFP 1.68 TRIGLYCERIDES 211 VLDL 42 HDL Cholesterol 15 ESR 20 Please suggest me whether i start ...

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Hep C Test Equivocal

I recently had a routine check up and it was found that my Hep C AB test came to be 0.98(equivocal)According to the lab >1 is reactive. My ALT level was little higher than normal 53 and my AST was 50. Doctor said that I need to be retested after cou...