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High Rates of Imprisonment Affect African-American Community's HIV Rates Img
Incarcerated People

High Rates of Imprisonment Affect African-American Community's HIV Rates

Imprisonment disproportionately affects people of color, and people who experience confinement are more likely to live with HIV. These conditions contribute to higher HIV rates among African Americans, experts say.

Empowered: Trans Women and HIV video still

Trans Empowered: Trans Women Share HIV Experiences in Video Series

Blossom was denied admission to nursing school as an out trans woman. She's joined others to share stories in Empowered: Trans Women and HIV, saying that "HIV is not the end of the road. It should be just the beginning."


All Stakeholders Must Be Engaged in HIV Cure Research, Webinar Says

Participating in an HIV cure trial is not an isolated event, but must be seen in the "landscape of engagement" -- the range of other issues the participant may be facing, such as discrimination or a lack of stable housing. Stakeholder participation i...

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Incarcerated People

Discharge Planning for People Living With HIV in Correctional Institutions

HIV treatment can be interrupted when people with HIV leave jails, prisons or other detention facilities without sufficient resources or support. What help is needed, and which groups provide discharge planning and link people to care?

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Incarcerated People

HIV Testing and Access to Treatment Hardly Universal in U.S. Correctional Facilities

The U.S. CDC recommends HIV testing for all who are imprisoned, and guidelines recommend all start meds who test positive. How can we overcome barriers to HIV testing and starting meds in jails and prisons?

Incarcerated People

Condoms in Jails Could Combat HIV -- and Perhaps Hepatitis C -- But Remain Rare

Without access to prevention measures, such as condoms, people in jails and prisons are at elevated risk of acquiring HIV. Hepatitis C risk may be higher as well.

Protester outside the residence of the governor in Saint Paul, Minnesota

Discussion of Racial Justice, Privilege and HIV Includes Call for Action

Women with HIV and allies are working to overcome inequality and fight for racial justice. Read about a recent discussion and next steps for taking action.

Risks Ahead sign

HIV Cure Research Poses Special Ethical Challenges

Each of the current approaches to a cure poses its own risks, explained experts. And the earliest phases of research present special challenges, as participants are unlikely to derive a direct benefit. What can be done?

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Want Youth Testing for HIV? Tackle Confidentiality Concerns, Offer Full Services

Experts say the challenges in getting young people to test for HIV include their fears that parents might find out, as well as beliefs that they are not at risk for HIV and a lack of sexual health knowledge.

Scientists Are Pursuing Multiple Approaches to an HIV Cure, Expert Says Img

Scientists Are Pursuing Multiple Approaches to an HIV Cure, Expert Says

The HIV research community continues to make progress toward finding a cure, but is still grappling with a range of challenges, an expert in the field explained in a recent webinar.