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The Pox Lover: An Activist's Decade in New York and Paris

Anne-christine d'Adesky has selected an excerpt from her new memoir drawn from the author's 1990s diaries.

By Anne-christine d'Adesky

Acting Up for Ebola: International HIV Activists Launch Solidarity Call

"We in the HIV movement really have something to offer The art of how to have indignity and shared righteousness, where we come together across movements. It's already late, but now's the time."

By Anne-christine d'Adesky

Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS

An excerpt from Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDS, Verso, 2006, List $23.00

Part I: Introducing the Global Perspective

1. Moving Mountains


Moving Mountains: The Race to Treat Global AIDSIn 1991, during the Lenten Carnival season ...

By Anne-christine d'Adesky for Verso

Cuba Fights AIDS Its Own Way

Located a half-hour's drive from Havana, the sanatorium at Santiago de las Vegas is the biggest and oldest AIDS center of the 17 on the island. The main facility is hidden behind a walled entrance in an architectural hybrid of heavy Soviet-style inst...

By Anne-christine d'Adesky for amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research