Anna Forbes, M.S.S.

Anna Forbes is a Washington, D.C.-based writer, organizer, and activist working in HIV/AIDS since 1985. Now an independent consultant focused on women's HIV-related needs and rights, her current and recent clients include a wide range of HIV-focused domestic and international NGOs and human rights initiatives.

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Access Issues Dominate HIV Biomedical Prevention Summit Img

Access Issues Dominate HIV Biomedical Prevention Summit

This 2017 Biomedical Prevention Conference in New Orleans focused less on the future of HIV prevention tools and more on issues preventing communities most in need from accessing PrEP.

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S.

Why Are HIV Groups Charging Gilead With Bad Behavior in New PrEP Trial?

"Gilead is not following the accepted standard for community engagement in its new pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) trial," write Anna Forbes and Marc-André LeBlanc, explaining that concern is inspired, in part, by controversies in earlier PrEP trials...

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S. and Marc-André LeBlanc

Celebrating HIV Prevention Choices for Women and Receptive Sex Partners of All Genders

All of us deserve to have pleasurable, consensual, safe, satisfying sex shaped only by our imaginations, says Anna Forbes, as she celebrates the growing range of HIV prevention options.

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S.
Female Condoms

'Female' Condoms Cost Too Much: A Call for HIV Prevention Equality for Receptive Sex Partners

Who can break the cycle of the high cost of the "female" condoms for HIV prevention in people of all genders who have receptive sex? It's the U.S. FDA, according to the National Female Condom Coalition.

By Jessica Terlikowski and Anna Forbes, M.S.S.
Stop the TPP from Putting HIV Treatment Out of Reach! Img

Stop the TPP from Putting HIV Treatment Out of Reach!

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will make it easier for drug companies to demand longer patent extensions, limiting access to affordable, generic medicines used by millions worldwide.

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S. for HIV Prevention Justice Alliance
AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Demand for Medical Records Endangers Us All Img

AIDS Healthcare Foundation's Demand for Medical Records Endangers Us All

In the atmosphere of HIV criminalization, demanding that HIV testing clinics release private records is appalling, according to advocate Anna Forbes. It is also a warning, she says, that people living with HIV, like people working in the sex industry...

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S.
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All over the world, consistent condom use is difficult to achieve, especially within long-term relationships. Because of cultural issues, embarrassment, low self-esteem, financial dependency and/or domestic violence, millions of women simply can't or...

By Anna Forbes, M.S.S. and Polly Harrison, PhD for AIDS Community Research Initiative of America