Althea Fung

Althea wants to live in a world where adequate health care and health education is accessible to everyone.

As a journalist, she's written on health and health care policy for The Richmond Times-Dispatch in Virginia, The National Journal in D.C., The Jersey Journal in New Jersey and a variety of health care organizations across the country. Althea is currently the community editor for, where she helps coordinate the blog contributions and reports on HIV-related news and events.

When she's not writing and editing, Althea is trying to turn her daydreams into the next blockbuster movie by osmosis.

Althea's hobbies include obsessively re-reading books by Octavia Butler, napping, pretending to be a doctor and watching police procedural dramas. Her favorite doctors are House M.D., Doc Martin and the subway skin savior Dr. Zizmor.

Email your questions, concerns and comments to To find out what Althea's up to, follow her on Twitter, stalk her on Facebook and like her photos on Instagram. For random musings and her thoughts on health care, visit her website,

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Latest by Althea Fung

Philly Project Transforms Youth HIV Care

Youth Health Empowerment Project (Y-HEP) is a program that teens and young adults find their next steps in HIV care.

By Althea Fung

Woman With HIV Uses Faith to Heal the Past

From the outside, Rev. Andrena Ingram's childhood looked charmed -- an attentive, stay-at-home mother, a father, a nice home in Queens, NY. But on the inside, Ingram recalls feeling strange.

By Althea Fung

Why I'm Feeling the Bern: A Blog Entry by Althea Fung

Following an opinion piece on why Hillary Clinton is bad news for black women with HIV, Fung received several comments with a similar refrain: "Hillary is better than the competition." But is she really?

By Althea Fung

Wilhemina's War Explores HIV in the Lives of a Black Family in the Rural U.S. South

Through the story of an uneducated sharecropper and her family, the documentary Wilhemina's War shows the devastating toll HIV/AIDS has on black women in the rural Southern U.S.

By Althea Fung

Investigation of Humana's Discriminatory HIV Drug Pricing Ends With a Fine and a Promise -- But Practice Continues With HCV Meds

Florida's insurance commissioner will impose a $500,000 fine on Humana following an investigation into allegations that the health insurance company price gouged prescription drugs for people living with HIV.

By Althea Fung

The Place in Hell for Hillary Clinton: Her Legacy for Black Women Living With HIV

Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, an advocate for women's rights, backed policies that dismantled the lives of black women -- especially those living with HIV, says's community editor Althea Fung.

By Althea Fung

Political Correctness in HIV: Ain't Nobody Got Time for That! A Blog Entry by Althea Fung

Following a recent post about stigmatizing language, Fung received a reader comment that made her think, "With 50,000 new cases of HIV in the United States each year, do we have time to worry about language?"

By Althea Fung

HIV Activists, Organizations Call for Less-Stigmatizing Language

Dear society: Don't say "HIV-infected person," say "person living with HIV." And stop saying "full-blown AIDS" -- there is no such medical phrase. These suggestions, and many more, are part of a new effort by activists to change the way people talk a...

By Althea Fung

Frog Legs Aren't Chicken and Zika Isn't HIV: A Blog Entry by Althea Fung

"People fear what they don't know, and the media does a piss poor job of explaining it all," Fung says. But Zika is definitely not like HIV.

By Althea Fung

HIV Advocates Share Outrage About Maher Interview With Charlie Sheen Doc Touting 'AIDS Cure'

Comedian and political pundit Bill Maher is known for ruffling feathers. But his recent interview with the Australian doctor who claims to have cured actor Charlie Sheen of HIV has many saying he's gone too far.

By Althea Fung