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Injection Drug Use and the African-American HIV Epidemic

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of new HIV infections among the sub-populations most affected are lowest among black males and females who inject drugs. Two factors that contribute to these relativel...

By Allen Kwabena Frimpong

When Condoms Ain't Enuf ... What to Do With a Sex-Phobic Society in a "Post-AIDS" Era?

"The message of safe-sex, by way of condom usage, may not resonate with people because it is limited and does not allow one to ponder the spectrum of other possible harm reduction practices," write Allen Kwabena Frimpong and Michael Terry Everett in ...

By Allen Kwabena Frimpong and Michael Terry Everett

The Suicide of "Coming Out": The Politics of Disclosure and Building Young People’s Capacity to "Invite In"

"Many of the young people who have lost their lives this past year may have thought that 'coming out' would lift the heavy burden of internalized oppression, and that such an act would provoke a feeling of liberation," Allen Kwabena Frimpong writes. ...

By Allen Kwabena Frimpong