I'm a 44-year-old married male. I have a wife and four children; all but myself are HIV negative. Learning an alarming amount about medical issues and how to deal with them. How I'm trudging along is slow, but forever onward. Sometimes still, but not yet so forever. Learning about growing with HIV, both mentally and physically.

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Fighting Holiday Blues and Family Challenges: A Blog Entry by Alive2

"I felt because of the arguing, I didn't want to be home, and when I was gone there was nowhere I wanted to be more than back home. And it being Christmas, every time I heard 'I'll Be Home for Christmas' on the radio it tore me up."

By Alive2

People Are More Terrifying Than HIV/AIDS: A Blog Entry by Alive2

"It's more the people who worry me the most now that I know what to do with my health. ... It's really ironic that someone you have known for so long can turn into someone you never knew after all; they were a name and phone number you knew, that's a...

By Alive2

Now I Have to Keep Living: A Blog Entry by Alive2

"Being so focused on just HIV/AIDS held my mind captive. And until I fully understood what the whole process does to a person and know how to break that way of dwelling on just that one aspect of my life, I wouldn't break the depression."

By Alive2

Now for More on My Learning: A Blog Entry by Alive2

I had to have contracted HIV through a previous relationship; I had back then been with many young ladies, and it was the unfulfilling life that helped me decide to settle down and start a family. Through the starting of a family I really thought I w...

By Alive2

When Life Gives Us Lemons, Make Some Orange Juice

Given the pest in our blood (lemons), we have to take many different medications. Thanks to this we are able to survive, and some are able to continue on in life without hesitation. Then there are those who aren't or weren't as fortunate. At least we...

By Alive2