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Alex Cheves

Alex Cheves is a New York City-based sex and wellness writer and occasional escort. He writes the column "Sexy Beast" in The Advocate and answers reader-submitted sex questions on his blog, Beastly. Follow him on Twitter at @BadAlexCheves.

Latest by Alex Cheves

Woman whispering into man's ear

Nine Sex Myths About HIV-Positive People That Need Debunking

In reality, sex-positive education that supports both HIV-positive and HIV-negative people in living their best sex lives can help us stay healthy and joyful.

Glass anal sex toy and a yellow banana on a colored background

9 Sex Tips for People Not on HIV Treatment

Not on HIV meds? Sex and wellness writer Alex Cheves shares helpful risk reduction hints to keep yourself and your sex partners safe and healthy.

Radiation Tattoo
Personal Stories

Why I Got a Biohazard Tattoo for Pride

"I hope some newly positive kid at a sex club asks me about it," the author writes; "I hope other people living with HIV see it and know that we are in this together."