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Aless Piper is a 20-something office assistant by day, world-changer by night. She is a voracious reader, and addicted to iced caramel correttos from her favorite coffee shop. She has been reading for more than half her life.

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Hard to Say Who's to Blame for 'Patient Zero'? A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

"The experts thought [HIV] was transmitted through sex," Aless Piper writes, "but for a long time, certainly most of the time in which Dugas was sexually active, that wasn't verifiable fact."

By Aless Piper

A Year in 525,600 Minutes ...: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

"Love is always the answer -- although maybe not always in the way the romantics in the world would like it to be -- and never a mistake."

By Aless Piper

Miles to Go: A Few Pride Facts -- A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

When I think about Pride, this is what I think about:

Halifax: According to Gay Halifax, Pride events in Halifax date back to 1973, predating the first march by fifteen years, with a picnic hosted by the Gay Alliance for Equality (GAE), which had be...

By Aless Piper

Meet Bob Bowers: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

In December 2012, I was privileged and honored to run my friend Kenn Chaplin's World AIDS Day roundup, which he had originated in 2010. I called the incarnation "Kenn's Project," and accepted submissions all the way up to 10 p.m. EST on December 1. I...

By Aless Piper

$2,064 of Awesome; and Why Flaming Red? A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

On Friday, Sept. 21, my friend, fellow admin assistant and teammate, Sandie, walked in the door to our department, past my cubicle, and the first thing I said to her was, "We're awesome."

She's known me about a year, and is well aware of my abiding ...

By Aless Piper

Flaming Red's Birthday Wish List 2012: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

"My birthday is very soon, and of course I couldn't resist the idea of doing another world-changing wish list. ... So please check it out, recommend it on Facebook, share it far and wide, tweet it, and, of course, pick something you can do off it!"...

By Aless Piper

41% and Counting: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

"Allison mentioned that, while our [AIDS Walk] goal was nice, we should think of it as just that -- a goal, and not be too disappointed if we didn't reach it. When I told my friend Jess that later, she laughed, because as just about everyone who has ...

By Aless Piper

My Social Media Makeover: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

"This is a solution that worked for me; it may not work for you, especially if you run an [HIV/AIDS service organization]. Only you know your needs. However, all of the tools used in my social media solution can be adapted to just about anyone’s ne...

By Aless Piper

Remembering Bonnie: A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

First and foremost, what I remember about Bonnie is that she was persistent and for that, I am so very grateful.

During the summers of 2006, 2007 and 2008, my stepfather drove me to work every morning, and every morning he asked me the same question...

By Aless Piper

Beyond the Bad News: Highlights of 2011 -- A Blog Entry by Aless Piper

As an action-packed year for the HIV/AIDS community draws to a close, takes stock of 2011 in a new series of articles, "2011 HIV/AIDS Year in Review." Read the entire series here.

By Aless Piper