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A Guide to HIV and Hep C Coinfection

The good news is that most people can stay healthy when they have HIV and hep C together, but the key to staying healthy is to learn as much as you can.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

Hepatitis C in Children

This fact sheet discusses the various aspects of hepatitis C (HCV) in children and adolescents including mother-to-child transmission, hepatitis C transmission and prevention, HCV disease progression, the tests to monitor chronic hepatitis C, and tre...

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

Hepatitis C and Liver Cancer

An overview of hepatitis C-related liver cancer -- the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prevention, and medications to delay the eventual onset of death from liver cancer.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

Acute Hepatitis C Fact Sheet

A summary of key facts about early hepatitis C infection, chronic infection and treatment strategies.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

Easy C Facts: What Is Hepatitis C?

This short fact sheet provides basic information on hepatitis c virus (HCV) and HCV transmission.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

Testing Positive for Hepatitis C -- Now What?

Testing positive for antibodies to the hepatitis C virus (anti-HCV) may be scary, but now you have information that can improve your health and well-being.

By Heather Lusk and Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

The 5: The Next HCV Drugs

In late 2015 or early 2016, new medication will join the available roster of hepatitis C treatment. Others are in early to mid-stage research. Read about the top 5 most promising drugs in development.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

A Guide to HIV/HCV Coinfection

Infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is the most common coinfection in people with HIV, and hepatitis C is categorized as an HIV-related opportunistic illness. Learn how to combat both conditions to stay as healthy as possible.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

A Guide to Preparing for Hepatitis C Treatment

Today, we have medications that can cure over 90% of people living with hepatitis C. Even better, the side effects of the newer treatments are much easier to tolerate. This guide will discuss what it takes to prepare for treatment.

By Alan Franciscus for HCV Advocate

Cómo Revelar la Noticia

La hepatitis C (VHC) es una enfermedad sumamente estigmatizada. El hecho de revelar el diagnóstico de VHC puede causar ansiedad en muchos niveles. Las ramificaciones de esta noticia pueden ejercer impacto en las situaciones médica, marital o familiar...

By Alan Franciscus and Heather Lusk for HCV Advocate