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Personal Stories

After an HIV Diagnosis, a Latina From Mexico Discovers Her Power

I'm originally from Tehuaca, a small town in Mexico. I was raised to believe that I shouldn't have sexual feelings; that those were feelings only men have. I was taught that a women's purpose in life was to serve her husband and her family. I lived a...

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Sex Workers

Sex Workers and the Spread of HIV: What's the Real Story?

A smartly dressed couple check into a four-star city hotel armed with a bottle of champagne and condoms. In a building across the street, a couple who has just met is putting on a condom. In a parking lot of the local high school, in the backseat of ...

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Women: The Sex Factor

22% of people living with AIDS in the U.S. are women: 88,815.

In 2003, 27% of new HIV infections in the U.S. were in women.

African-American women are 25 times more likely than white women and four times more likely than Latina women to have an A...

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Working With Healthcare Providers

The following is adapted from the curriculum that ACRIA uses in workshops to discuss the often complicated relationship between individuals and their healthcare providers:

So -- What's the First Step?

Get involved with your care!

Educate Yourself ...

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Ryan White CARE Act

The Ryan White CARE Act: AIDS Is Still an Emergency

Over a decade and a half ago, America and the world were introduced to a courageous young boy with AIDS named Ryan White. He was from Kokomo, Indiana and had been infected with HIV as a result of the blood product transfusions required to treat his...

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AIDS Drug Assistance Programs: A Promising Start, a Shaky Future

Finding out you are HIV-positive is a life altering experience, as anyone who has been through it can tell you. That future you thought was waiting down the road suddenly disappears. Priorities take a big tumble, fear and confusion reign. Living in t...

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Personal Perspective: Waiting for ADAP

I have been HIV-positive for 20 years and, because of a sporadic work history since my diagnosis, I've used the North Carolina AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) on occasion. I had to use ADAP again two years ago when I went on long-term disability....

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Health Coverage

Patient Assistance Programs: Getting Free Drugs from the Drug Makers

The ever-escalating costs of many prescription medications have created barriers to accessing necessary treatment for people who are uninsured, underinsured, and/or have a low income. The somewhat negative term often used to refer to folks in this ca...

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Personal Stories

Love, Sex, Friends, Medications, Spirituality, Health

I'm a 50 year old mother who has been HIV-positive for ten years. I'm currently in great health and spirits due to loving friends and a spiritual family that has supported me since day one. At first, I thought that my life was over and I wouldn't be ...

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Personal Stories

Awakening a Giant

HIV remains an important part of my life for many reasons, but I'm always wondering how the disease impacts my natural aging process. True, HIV is still one of the top priorities in my life, along with essentials like financial independence. But as I...