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Through Financial Education and Information

David Petersen, the founder of Affording Care, passed away in May 1996. With his death, the Affording Care group dissolved. We are pleased to still carry David's materials. He was unique and wonderful man. He used his final energies creating and maintaining an organization helping seriously-ill individuals to develop a "strategic financial plan" to help them manage their personal finance and insurance options.

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How and When to Use the Durable Power-of-Attorney

The "durable power-of-attorney" is one of the most powerful and important planning tools that an attorney can recommend to a client, not only for estate planning, but also for Medicaid and other public benefit planning.

When a person (the principal)...

By Carole C. Lamson, J.D. for Affording Care
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Health Coverage

How to Get Free Medications

Many seriously-ill individuals have difficulty obtaining the medications they need. All too often, people are forced to choose between paying the rent and taking their AZT, Prozac, Cardizem or other medications. This does not have to be the case -- h...

By David Petersen for Affording Care