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Personal Perspective: A Hope For Our Son Img
Personal Stories

Personal Perspective: A Hope For Our Son

"I was diagnosed with HIV when I was 13. When we decided to try and get pregnant, we chose to do it naturally." Rica Rodriguez gives a frank first-person account of her and her partner's journey during her pregnancy.

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Can a Pill a Day ... Keep HIV Away?

What would it mean for the future of the epidemic if HIV-negative people could take a pill to prevent HIV infection? That may soon become a reality: on May 10th, an FDA advisory panel voted 19 to 3 to recommend approval of the HIV medication Truvada ...

Having a Baby When You Have HIV Img

Having a Baby When You Have HIV

Early in the epidemic, people with HIV wrestled with the idea of having children, since there was a 25% chance the infant would be born with HIV. For some women and potential fathers, those odds were too high. Dina M., quoted in a 1991 article in The...

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Personal Stories

Personal Perspective: A Story of Magnetic Love


Since I was diagnosed with HIV 20 years ago, my life has been an incredible journey -- filled with joy, love, anger, and a whole array of emotions. One of the hardest challenges has been disclosing, not only to potential intimate partners, ...

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Prevention or Prosecution?

On May 24th, Queerocracy, a New York City grassroots organization, held a community forum on HIV criminalization at the LGBT Center. Entitled "Prosecution vs. Prevention", it highlighted the many abuses the U.S. criminal justice system applies to peo...

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Editorial: Have Sex!

Sexuality is an integral part of human identity. A healthy sex life may include relationships that evolve into friendships and sometimes lifelong commitments. And it can contribute to happiness, confidence, and pride. Yet persistent stigmas surroundi...

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P(r)aying for PEP

Recently, an HIV service provider in New York City shared his experience after being exposed to HIV through sexual contact. He is well-informed about HIV and had received information about HIV post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) at an ACRIA training. It ...

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Anal Cancer

The Cancer That Dare Not Speak Its Name

When you tell someone you have cancer, the first question you often hear is, "What kind?" Unfortunately, if it's anal cancer, the response may be "colorectal cancer," mumbled ambiguous words, or some other dodge. Discussion -- even mere mention -- of...

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Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Healthy Living

Most of us take steps to improve and maintain our health. Our beliefs about health can lead to far-reaching behaviors that may create a more holistic health lifestyle, but sometimes we choose individual health practices that make us feel better now o...

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The Odd Couple: HIV and Bacteria

There are more than a thousand types of bacteria that live in our bodies -- on our skin, in our mouths, and in our gut. Of those bacteria, only 50 are known to be harmful. The rest, what we will call "healthy bacteria", have important roles in the bo...