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Personal Stories

Accessing a Safe, Legal Abortion in the South Felt Like A Perilous Journey. It Shouldn't.

Through The Afiya Center, an organization run by black women in Texas, this anonymous writer was finally able to get the abortion she needed.

I Didn't Want to Die Img
Sexual Abuse & Trauma

I Didn't Want to Die

This Positive Women's Network member did what she had to do to survive sexual assault. "Perhaps the greatest irony of all," she notes, "is that I was the one who was violated, but the HIV transmission statute in my state could potentially imprison me...

Do You Swallow? (Not What We Typically Have in Mind!) Img
Personal Stories

Do You Swallow? (Not What We Typically Have in Mind!)

"Looking back now, after almost two years on treatment, occasionally, I feel a little disappointed with myself.  Should I really have started on the medication so quickly?  Should I have read more, learned more? Am I playing into the hands of big pha...

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The Benefits of Living with HIV

"There is a lot of negativity and heaviness when talking about HIV," writes an anonymous guest blogger. "I want to provide a different side of the dialogue around the epidemic and talk about the benefits of living with HIV. ... As crazy as this may s...

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My Brothers (The Gonzaga Group)

Art by Carlos N. Molina

The time had come at last when I knew I had come to rest in the arms of my brothers. Finally I could lay back and not fall.

When I wanted to stand, I didn't have to try. Phantom arms gently held me up and I knew no one could...

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Anonymous Sex

First, let's define anonymous. There were three definitions in the Webster's Dictionary: 1. without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, etc. 2. not named or identified. 3. lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction.


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"Confidential" (Ms) Information

My mind wanders back in time. Eight years ago, I received a letter from the Red Cross; "You need to contact our office and make an appointment. The blood you donated revealed something that could have a significant impact on your health."

Fear and c...

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Personal Stories

Diagnosis 18 Months Later

To tell...Or not to tell is a burning question for people with HIV infection, especially those who are not part of the gay community.

I've read comments in the news media implying a certain criticism of individuals who make their status a secret, ty...

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Personal Stories

My Virus, My Self

About 4 weeks after I began working as the treatment advocate for Women Alive I received a phone call from a journalist in New York City who was doing an article on women and HIV. As she introduced herself to me, I recognized her unusual name as some...

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Personal Stories

Living With HIV: Mom [and Me]

I'm sitting in the waiting room. The elderly woman in the snow-white beehive to my right is my mother. We are almost inseparable these days. What's more frightening, jokes my lover, is that we lately seem physically indistinguishable.

I fear he may ...