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Yvette Alta Raphael: Advocacy for PrEP as HIV Prevention

Part of the Series "Advocates in Their Own Words"

    Yvette Alta Raphael
    Yvette Alta Raphael is a consummate leader in the fight against HIV. As a woman who has been living with the virus for over 15 years, she has experienced first-hand what HIV stigma, insufficient prevention education, and reduced access to healthcare can do. She co-founded the Tshwaranang Care Center for People Living With HIV & AIDS (PLWHA) in South Africa, and has spoken around the globe to advise researchers, advocates, and policy makers on how to best win the war against HIV and AIDS. Her passion has been to improve the health outcomes for young women and girls, but she has also used her expertise to develop policies at the work place and to create better, more efficient structures to utilize the available governmental resources to end AIDS.