Yet another party skank story (woo-hoo). SYMPTOM SPOTTING= SATAN


Hey there Dr B.

Well as you can tell from the title, im neg.. And i had ALL ARS symptoms. this is the story and time line.

Hooked up with a party skank (this one goes AROUND). she is allergic to condoms, so, when she started to develop a rash during sex, she yanked the condom off, and without knowing, we had 2 hours and a half of unprotected sex, to make things worse, there was serious chafing on the head of my member. she later admitted that she had sex with at least 50 men (10 of which were gay men she tried to turn straight) ALL UNPROTECTED and was never tested .. a week later i had sex with a girl that i wanted to date, it started off as protected but the condom broke and i didnt notice it break so i came in her.

10 days later, had a heavy fever, a crazy skin rash, diarrhea, back pains, lymph nodes everywhere.

1 month later she also develloped a very high fever that lasted a week (she was hospitalised for it) develooped a wierd rash (similar to mine) and the lymph nodes, etc etc... My worst fear came to me, not only am i Positive, but ive infected this girl that means the world to me... I had a node on each side of the groin area, 3 submandibular nodes, swollen tonsils, 4 cervical nodes, and many near my throat. thats alot of nodes.

12 months, i hid in the dark, crying day in day out, i lost 15kg, i became white from lack of sunlight, scrawny. i thought lipoatrophy. i wanted to die. then i came across the body (last week), I dreamt of Dr bob telling me to cling to life( in my defence, i was in serious mental condition), and it was the only dream that wasnt a nightmare.

The next day, i went to the clinic to get the positive sign and start meds. first oraquick, negative, second oraquick negative, P24 antigen negative, elisa 1 and 2 negative. i went back to the clinic being like yo dudes, give me another test, and they said ive had them all.. the doc looked at me and said these words: You are negative.

Oh how my life changed, i needed to gain weight, so i busted a supersize me, when to the gym, to the beach. in a weeks time, i looked healthy, tanned, back to my good looking self.

and for the first time in a year, i had sex. i forgot how beautiful women are, how good they smell and feel..

i got the negative 2 weeks ago... since then, im sexually active again, went sky diving and deep sea diving. i have friends again, i have a job again. im alive again. Dr. bob, i owe you my life, i cry as i write this to you. I salute you and the members of the body. Since my rebirth i've opened a bank account and a paypal account, now all i need is my first pay check, of which, a large sum belongs to you.

I wish you a long life filled with many joys.



Thank you for taking the time to write in and share your story in such detail. I'm confident it will help others who are locked in their self-made worried-well hell to wake up from their nightmare as "well."

That party skank sounds like a loser. Her turning a gay man straight is about as likely as finding a package of Hebrew Nationals in Mel Gibson's refrigerator.

I was a bit curious about your comment, ". . . and 'without knowing,' we had 2 hours and a half of unprotected sex . . . ." Two and a half hours of the horizontal mattress mambo isn't usually something that goes unnoticed!

Thanks for the very kind comments and for your donation.

Be well. Stay well.

Dr. Bob