Is XXXX a Cancer Cure? What should I do?


Q.# 1: gives medical validations of the cancer curing abilities of XXXX. Any other medical backgound validation? (I am 65 & positive for 8 yrs and follow dortor's orders on meds and balanced diet to the t. A squamous cell ca. was removed from anal area 3 yrs ago followed by chemo and rad. Metastatic Squamous ca. has returned in ONE groin node. I have just completed 2nd of 6 chemo treatments. Node is not yet reducing.)

Q.# 2: If after a couple or more treatments the size has not reduced, is surgical node removal recommended & if yes, what are risks/concerns? LD


Dear LD: I removed that name of the latest cancer "cure". Atlhough I did not check out the website you suggested, there is absolutely no credible evidence about the curing abilities of the product you mention. Oh how I wish it were true.

Sounds like you've had quite a saga in terms of cancer treatments (chemotherapy, radiation) and then recurrence. Although sometimes surgery is attempted, more often than not, surgeons are reluctant to operate in previously radiated areas since patients don't heal well. Nevertheless, it might pay to get a surgical opinion. There's no harm in exploring all your options.