Dearest Dr. Bob :-),

You are a puissantly caring and affable compassionate individual. I have read your posts on procrit and am going to ask my health provider about it. I am suffering from a ton of fatigue as others in this forum. My question I hope can come in a response from some positive feedback from yourself. Reading your posts always brings a smile to my face. The question involves immune stimulators or modulators in research. I am not sure how familiar with any of these you are but i Know 110 percent you know better than myself about any of them. Let me just list a few that really caught my attention.

HE2000, Resveratrol, Reticulose, Murabutide, and Ampligen. And now for my question im sure all us fatigue sufferers are all wondering. Will any of these ever market to be used in combination with HARRT possibly allowing for some treatment interruptions. Which one would you say looks at all promising? You know you read so much on internet sites and you dont want to get excited, but at the same time you want not just hope but good news. You as a living example i believe with many others are a hero to all suffering with our condition.

So I ask you in all honesty, does it look like any of these might be used in the near future 1-2 years as possible future options.

Thank you :-) and please stay well!

Mamma Belle


Hey Mamma Belle,

"Puissantly caring? Great word! Thanks for your very kind comments!

Yes, all the agents you mentioned are in various stages of being developed,tested,or evaluated (some more seriously than others). The story on each one is rather complex and beyond the scope of this forum. Just let me say that the information we have so far is extremely preliminary. Unfortunately, over the past 21 years of studying this virus and attempting to tame it, I've learned that the enthusiasm about any given product is always inversely proportional to the amount of data available! Hopefully, they're will be some more data presented at the World AIDS Conference in Barcelona next month. I'll be there, so stay posted, stay informed, and you'll remain a puissant and affable Mamma Belle.

Dr. Bob