I am pregnant ( 20weeks) and HIV positive. I started taking my meds on the 8th of May 2012, which are Alluvia and Lamzid. I was told by my medical aid HIV proffetional to take 2 Aspen Lamzid and 1 Alluvia twice daily but I realised today ( 24 May 2012) that i was supposed to have been taking 1 Aspen Lamzid and 2 Alluvia twice daily. I am verry worried,what does this mean for my health and my unborn baby's health


Hello and thanks for posting.

Well, incorrect dosing indeed. I'm surprised that you didn't have a lot of side effects from the double dose of Lamzid (AZT+3TC, Combivir).

Nevertheless, there's not much one can do now, other than to take the right dose (1 Lamzid, and 2 Alluvia (Kaletra), twice daily). I'd let your doctor know about the mis-dosage so that your viral load can be monitored appropriately.

Here's to your health and the health of your baby. BY