Wrong Diagnosis symptom checker feature told me i have HIV.... Shit...


Dr. Bob

I am Going for my 6 month test in a couple weeks. I am Terrified and i really just cant take it anymore. Its really just a horrible procedure we really need to improve hiv testing. I would rather know and feel better emotionally than to have to wake up everyday thinking and waiting for such a catostrophic outcome. I bet many people have committed window period suicide, because it really is an extremely dreadful process. Its kind of like torture and i cant believe that we are still waiting 3 and 6 months to find out our status. Ok so enough of my rant i wrote you today Dr. Bob for some good luck karma if you could be so kind. I really need some kind encouragement, I dont really have anyone to talk to for the last 6 months, I tried a therapist but she made me feel like i was infected even more, saying its a bit odd you have all these symptoms now. Anyway My burning tongue red dots on tip are still here, as of 3 1/2 moths post i have 3 swollen nodes in left armpit 1 in right. My reed dots on my stomach and face have faded but a few com intermittently but not like before when i had 30 red bumps on abs and chest and forehead. Last cbc at 11 weeks lymphocytes were depressed and i dont feel ill, except fatigue and burning tongue. Also had an hpv outbreak. And symptom Checker just told me i have hiv, as well as my docter and my dentist. Now ive already had an assesment from you just wanted to know if with my 11 week pcr rna and 14 week negative antibody what are my chances of turning positive at 6 months. I kinda feel its coming. I called the lady who im here about and asked her if she has hiv, and she said hiv, what is hiv i dont know what your talking abot in an oriental voice. So she is offically an idiot, and so am I. Anxiously awaiting your reply, and karma. Also how come you are so confident in a 3 month test ?

Thank You

P.s Was that guy with that rant yesterday drunk or on crack, because i had no idea what the hell he was trieng to say. LOL



Your dentist, doctor and "symptom checker" told you that you have HIV??? And you have an undetectable HIV PCR RNA at 11 weeks plus a negative HIV-antibody test at 14 weeks??? WOWZA! Dude, it's time you found new, more competent health care providers! As for symptom checker, what the hell is that? I don't know how well it checks symptoms, but it obviously has deficiencies when spitting out a diagnosis!

Good karma sent, even though you don't need it. Your six-month test will undoubtedly be negative and you'll be very glad you didn't commit window-period hara-kiri!

I'll await your formal WOO-HOO!

Dr. Bob