Worry wart, and hypochondriac...Tough Combination..


I dont want to diminish what you and the millions of other HIV sufferers are going through, but I have a question....I havent been able to use contact lense solution and any contact lenses that are made in countries I consider 'risky'--- in terms of their manufacturing processes, etc. I have a fear of hiv being placed in these things and of course getting into my eyes...either intentionally or unintentionally. I know these are irrational and I am pretty close to getting to a therapistbut still ask the question. How long can the virus live outside the body but particularly in liquid like these types of solutions. If I am "sure" it isnt viable by the time it gets to me , I will finally put this fear to bed and be able to use solutions, etc...Just so you know, I may be positive at this point due to an potential lower risk exposure about 5 years ago---still worried to get tested although I am getting closer I believe. Thanks for all you do....Dave S..


Hi, Dave.

Now lets think this through logically, shall we? If folks were contracting HIV from contact lens solutions purchased from "risky" countries, don't cha think we would know about it, considering we've been closely tracking this pandemic for three decades??? Dave, you're absolutely correct in assuming your fears are "irrational"!

I strongly urge you to seek consultation and treatment from a licensed mental health professional to help you confront and cope with your totally unwarranted HIV fears.

As for "HIV sufferers," Dave, I truly believe anxious-wreck worrywart hypochondriacs often "suffer" much more than most well-adjusted virally enhanced folks.

Dr. Bob