to all worried well, please read this!!!!


Dear Doc, I have written here before. And I just wanna thank you for your advice given. The service you provide here relieves mental anxiety all of us faces everyday. When Dr Bob says 3 months is definitive, it REALLY IS!!!!! I have tested 12 times from week 4 to week 41. All blood drawn ELISA (4th and 3rd Gen)with 6 different labs. All Non-Reactive. So guys, when you have tested 3 months or more, DONT follow my foot steps, just trust the result. btw, Dr, why does some post not detected and some non-reactive? Seriously, any differences?



Another newly enlightened worried well checks in with the advice: "Do as I say, not as I do!"

So you had 12 ELISAs from 6 different labs out to 41 weeks. Hmm . . . you really are a Doubting Thomas now aren't you! As for "not detected" versus "non-reactive," they mean exactly the same thing: HIV negative!

If you get the urge to test again, I suggest you reread your very own post and follow your own advice. Remember you can kill a mosquito with a fly swatter or a sledge hammer. Either way the mosquito is squished dead. Similarly you can determine your HIV status with a single rapid HIV test at three months or you could get 12 different tests from 6 different labs. Either way you're still HIV negative.

Dr. Bob