Worried Well - AFR-AIDS


Please post this for all of my worried well friends.

I had an affair with colleague in January 2004 which I can classify as a low risk exposure. My feelings of guilt had turned overnight in to an Anxiety disorder which has only left me with a lot of pain, physically and emotionally.

It all started going wrong three months after the incident when I returned from Europe with some sort of flu bug. The thought of having HIV had played on my mind for several weeks, but I thought that not being sick would be a good indication that I did not have HIV. I had gone to my local GP whom I had told that I had an affair and that I was scared of having HIV. He immediately wanted me to go for a test which turned out to be negative. It was the best news that I had heard all week, surprise, surprise, my GP told me that the test could be a false negative and that I had to wait for 6 - 8 months before I could really establish.

For the time being he had put me on a course of Antibiotics which did not manage to take away the symptoms. I returned two weeks later and he had prescribed yet another courser of Antibiotics, this time around the course of Antibiotics contained penicillin. Side effects that I had experienced with the Antibiotics only convinced me more and more that I was one of those very unlucky people that could have picked up the pandemic.

Some of the side effects that I experienced were,

Hot Flushes - mistaken for fever. Diarrhea Painful Colon (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Rash (Hives) Painful Joints & Muscles White Tongue

Due to the high levels of Anxiety that I was experiencing I became rather ill with all sorts of things. Some of the Anxiety symptoms that I experienced were,

Hot Flushes Sweaty Palms & Feet Night Sweats Diarrhea Hives Abdominal Pain (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) Pain in my Legs, Chest, Arms, Hands and Neck Muscles.

After all of this I somehow managed to go for 7 ELIZA & 2 PCR Tests over a period of 7 months. Before all of this my GP managed to prescribe 5 sets of Antibiotics which caused the majority of the damage as follow,

Hepatic Stomatitis - caused by stress and antibiotics damaging your digestive system Irritable Bowel Syndrome Colitis Joint & Muscle Pains Canker Sores on my Tongue and the inside of my Cheeks. Candida Peptic Ulcer, due to the Antibiotics and High Stress Levels.

I am very angry at my GP for not knowing the true facts with regards to HIV, the fact is that the 3rd generations ELIZA test can pick-up antibodies within the first three months and the PCR test can pick-up antibodies with in the first 25 days. Medical science is fantastic but the overuse of Antibiotics will do more damage than good.

After all of this I am slowly but surely convincing myself together with a Psychologist that I do not have HIV. It has been very hard for me to see that the real disease that I am suffering from is called AFR-AIDS. I am truly afraid of contracting AIDS. I had consumed myself with the though day in and day out that I could not see the truth. In my very own opinion I believe that stress and anxiety act exactly like HIV. It depletes your immune system and then you start seeing the same symptoms.

My daring involvement with Doctors, Anxiety and Antibiotics has plummeted me in to another stress related illness call fibromalaygia. I would suggest that all Worried Well's " search on the Internet for fibromalaygia and consider that your stress levels may be bringing on something else.

On top of this I have experienced a adrenal burn out which is caused when your kidneys can not produce enough adrenalin to cope with the stress. All worried wells need to check out Fight or Flight.

Stress causes major disease within a person gastro intestinal track and various muscle groups.

I will manage to over come all of this with help of friends and the faith of God and our Lord Jesus.