worried well ?


Its very easy to convince yourself that you are hiv postive based on signs and symptoms you experience.

Remember many signs and symptoms of HIV look like any other disease. ONly Laboratory testing after six months post exposure will indicate to you whether you are pos or neg.

I had exposure to HIv in 1997. Since then to now, i had every symptom and sign of HIV --rash, tiredness, flu like symptoms, cough, mouth sores..even weight loss.

lymphocyt count range from 26 from one day..to 39 the next day.

i've realised that results can be variable ie you can get two different FBC results on the same blood sample(not entirely different).

Thinking you have HIV when you don't can mess up your life. Let a negative result rather be a warning sign to you to modify your lifestyle. Regard it as a wake up call.

Once again worried well ..remember ..

  1. Probably 95 people seroconvert withing 6-8 weeks of exposure. 2)probably 95-99 seroconvert by 12 weeks.
  2. Probably less than 1 seroconvert after 3 months.