Worried South Africa


Good Day Doc. Unfortunately temtation got the better of me and while doing business in a very small town, in South Africa I picked up a young, black street prostitute, the very very cheap kind...we had about 5 minutes protected oral and 3 minutes protected sex with the same condom..On removing the condom, I did not notice and breakage. But the fact that Aids especially in young black South African Prostitutes is high, got me worried, what if something slipped through the condom...I tested at 5 weeks 3 days with the Uni-Gold and Abbott and both were negetive...whats your output on this doc



HIV cannot permeate intact latex. No way. No how. If you used a latex (or polyurethane) condom properly and it did not break, your HIV-acquisition risk would be essentially nonexistent, no matter whom you were schtooping!

Your negative HIV test at five weeks is encouraging, but not conclusive. You'll need to wait until the three-month mark for that.

Good luck. Stay safe and you'll stay well.

Dr. Bob