Worried scared made big mistake


Hello dr,on 27 nov i had unprotected sex with sex worker(a brief encounter of 2 to 5 min, 5 to 7 pumps). it was my first time sex in life and i was insertive partner.From the next day i am feeling like hell and some tingling sensation on my testicles which is making me worried dr please tell me is this because of HIV. What is my risk of getting HIV.


Hi HIV symptoms will not show that quickly. You had unprotected sex which you know puts you at risk for HIV transmission. I would recommend that you receive and STI (sexually transmitted infections), because HIV is not the only risk that can happen. Having a negative test at 84 days is good news and conclusive. Of course if you need additional peace of mind you can receive one more test after the 90 days, but again feel very confident is saying you are HIV free.

Having unprotected sex puts you at risk. HIV transmission occurs when there is a direct exchange of body fluid. Make sure you have condoms with you in the future and wear them!

Be well and stay safe, Shannon