Very worried! Is this risky?


Dr. Bob, I would appreciate if you respond. I made a donation. I had an encounter with a sex worker in Egypt. I did not penetrate her at all. I kissed her briefly on the lips and I think her tounge touched my lip - my lip had an abrasion. I rubbed her vagina over her pants and then she took her panties off and maturbated in front of me. She rubbed my penis over clothing with her mouth but no mouth contact happened, I then titty f**ked (penis between her breasts) her without a condom and ejaculated. I felt her fluids came on the bed sheet and that touched my leg. I also sucked her nipples briefly which worries me because of the abrasion in my lip. She also tried to scratch my back but there was no blood. We then went to sleep and nothing else happened except some touching of her breasts and kissing her back and abdomen but stayed away from any bodily fluids. Exactly 8 days later, I came down with a fever, chills and diarrhea. The diarrhea lasted for two days but I felt I had a fever for the next few days - the thermometer did not show fever after the initial fever episode but a mild sore throat was there for the next week or so. From Day 9 to Day 16th and it is continuing, I had pain under the arms, the neck and sometimes in the groin and a large brownish/bluish spot developed in both arm pits. I also had occasional itching in different places in the body. I saw a doctor in the ER who looked at my throat and said he saw white spots on my tonsils and gave me Augmenteen and said the discoloration of the skin under the arms were Contact Dermtitis. I am very worried that this could be HIV. Could it be the abrasion on the lip and the brief kiss or sucking of nipples? or did some of her vaginal fluid came in contact with the penis without me realizing? - I did not penetrate her at all though. Was this an exposure? Can I get HIV this way? I am terrified of getting tested. I also don't remember if the penis touched her pubic area inadvertrntly but it would have been a brief second. I did not see any evidence of blood anywhere but I noticed she had many teeth with fillings. There was no extended open mouth kissing if at all. But I do remember me feeling her tounge on my lips for a second or two.



Your HIV-acquisition risk is negligible at best. Symptoms are notoriously unreliable in predicting who is and is not HIV infected. If my reassurance is not sufficient for you to shake your worries, get a single HIV-antibody test at the three-month mark. I'm confident the result will be negative. Your lip abrasion and nipple sucking would not be considered significant HIV-acquisition risks.

Dr. Bob